Letter to the Mayor- I Know How to Dial 311

Letter to the Mayor- I Know How to Dial 311

I attended the Park Manor Neighbors Commuity Councill (PMCC) meeting last Monday, November 7, 2011. The meeting was lively as residents put the Chicago Police Department on the hot seat.

The President Darlene Tribue addressed the audience about her frustration with a lack of communication with the Chicago Police Department. Her frustration led up to her calling 311 and leaving a stern and nasty message for Mayor Rahm Emmanuel.

Well it appears that the message got through as she stated, she started receiving phone calls from various high ranking police personnel. In response, the Chicago Police Department Area 2 personnel came out to the meeting. Deputy Superintendent Ernest Brown, Area 2 Commander, 3rd District Commander Christopher Fletcher, 6th District Commander Eric Carter and several other raking offiicer were in attendance. Also, the meeting was graced by Felicia Davis of the Mayor's office.

Residents wasted no time laying into Deputy Superintendent Brown who was the former commander of the 3rd district. Brown attempted to explain that the police department was in process of implementing a new strategy and computer based policing model. It sounded good but the residents were not buying it as they said they have heard all of this before. Commander Carter, Fletcher and others one by one were placed on the hot seat by the audience.

Then came Ms. Davis. I asked Davis why does Mayor Rahm Emmanuel do drive by's in our community? He stops in Walgreens and Niketown for a photo op. He stops at Dixon Elementary and 95th Red line stop for photo ops, but will not sit down and have a conversation with the residents of the 6th ward. I challenged her to go back and ask him to walk down 79th street with community leaders and see what the concerns are as 79th street has been hit with a lot of crime. I stated if they were really serious about fighting crime that would add more lighting on 79th street as the street is extremely dark and becuase they have cut the budget of the bureau of Electricity to the bare bones we have frequent power outages leaving the street completely dark in some areas. I even illustrated it by stating when a dark skin person cannot see the back of their hand that means its really dark outside.

Well this is when the show started, Ms. Davis and Deputy Superintendent Brown tap danced better than Sammy Davis Jr and Gregory Hines. I was told to call 311 about the lights. That will solve the situation but its only been 120 days I've been waiting to get my alley light replaced. Then I was told about him stopping at the Red Line and riding with officers through Englewood. The last statement angered several residents who angrily voiced their disapproval by stating "This isn't Englewood".

After seeing that the officers got the message loud and clear Mrs. Tribue adjouned the meeting and wished Deputy Superintendent good luck in his retirement.

So again the mayor ducked the people of the 6th ward. He sends his aide who tap dances and gives the commuity no answers. Is he still mad about the Izola's situation? Again. Mr. Mayor the residents of the 6th ward are waiting on you or are you going to try and avoid us for 4 years?

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