What Chatham Residents Want

What Chatham Residents Want

Over the past several weeks Chatham residents told EZ Pawn No. They told Richard Milburn Alternative High School No. These actions have caused some to feel that saying NO is counterproductive to the growth of the community. When Lakeview, Beverly, or Rodgers Park say NO its Ok. Others say Chatham residents do not know what they want and are "fickle". But what I have found is most residents want business and services that offer first class products and world class service.

So here is what I propose. Here is a partial working list that will be submitted to Roderick Sawyer, Alderman of the 6th ward.

Alderman Sawyer,

As a resident of the 6th ward I would like to see the following businesses come into our ward:

Panera Bread Co. http://www.panerabread.com/about/contact/index2.php
Golden Corral http://www.goldencorral.com/
Chilpotle http://www.chipotle.com/en-US/fan-antics/talk_to_us/talk_to_us.aspx

Meijer's http://realty.meijer.com/NewStoreSiteSubmission.aspx

So what do you want to see on this list? Are you willing to let the retailers know you want them in your neighborhood?


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    I would like to see Costco and HH Gregg.

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    Here's what I'd like to see - The removal of chitterlings in the freezer section at Walgreens, located at 8528 S. Cottage Grove...GONE! I was appalled that Walgreens - a corporation that rests on the merits of diversity within the communities it serves, is bringing this type of food into our neighborhood pharmacy...a place where everyone seeks help with maintaining health and healthier lifestyles. Smack in the middle of the store is a case full of non-healthy foods. Our communities have food deserts and then there's Walgreens and chitterlings? WHY!

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    DeeLois, see my comment on the Walgreen's story.

    Some businesses to add:

    A restaurant like Golden Griddle in EVergreen Park or White Palace Grill in the South Loop area

    A good sit-down Thai/Asian restaurant

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    In regards to other neighborhoods

    Beverly: They banned churches on 95th street...and now we see STORE AFTER STORE of EMPTY storefronts. And they're complaints areunheard on Western as Evergreen Park prepares for more development (even though the Plaza has plenty of space)

    Lakeview: Do you REALLY want Chatham to be the eternal frat party that Boystown is (lots and lots of bars)? They also have businesses that are ready to fill in the few open spaces they have. They won;'t be empty for years liek in Chatham. Een the Wal-Mart some have protested may be able to come, as people see how popular the WalMart express is at Presidential Towers in the West Loop.

    ROGERS Park: There's still "ghetto" stores there...and the housing crisis has devastated the economy there,with many foreclosures.

    What i would liek to see is if we could get volunteers at the El stops & major bus stops & take a REAL survey of what stores people are interested in, and where they go out of the community to shop.

    That way, it REALLY wil be the community speaking, not just a few loud voices.

    p.s. another business to pursue : I-Go or Zip Cars. There's nothing South of Hyde Park....

  • This is an exaple of what I call the us(masses) vs them (selfserving black politican) relationship. Black politicans continue to undermine progress in middle class areas(ward remap anyone). They don't take their constituants seriously and only care about their power. They are counting on people to just be complacent and politically lazy . They believe they won't be challeged because they are black and democrat. They will continue to feel this way and do whatever they want until they are voted out. Polticans must fear their constituancy, this forces them to listen. This is why this school wouldn't be in kenwood, hp,lv etc , because the alderpeople fear their constituancy.
    Politicans want to keep their cushy secure jobs. This a democracy not a dictatorship. Stop letting these people rule over you.
    Black people its time to stop worshiping these black politicans and replace them with people who will look out for our interests.
    We have hired them and we can fire them. They work for us. Political positions shouldn't last for a lifetime. They need to go. Black people need some sort of potical courses.

  • In reply to carmelcutie:

    I assume you are speaking of Milburn. There is a similar school in Lakeview and Milburn was in Bronzeville and there was also a school in the Hyde Park rec center.

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