Did Walgreen's Pull a Fast One on the First Lady?

Did Walgreen's Pull a Fast One on the First Lady?

Recently, I received an email from one of my readers asking did I know that Walgreens located at 8528 S Cottage Grove was selling Pork Chitterlings. Some may ask what are Chitterlings? Pork Chitterlings are the intestines of pigs. Some consider Chitterlings a delicacy while others find them disgusting. What makes this an issue is that Walgreens history is that they are a pharmacy. Also, hypertension is a major cause of death in the African American community. So the irony here is the same company that sells products to help extend life is also selling products that end life.

This past Tuesday, First lady Michelle Obama visited the Walgreen's store at 75th Dan Ryan located in the Chatham community. She received a tour around the store by Walgreen officials touting their "healthy" food options of fresh fruits and vegetables. they touted they are doing business with local African American vendors and they have a clinic inside the store. The first lady praised them in their efforts to reduce the "food desert" on the southside of Chicago. The only problem is they did not show her Aunt Bessie's Pork Chitterlings in the freezer section.

So I asked Walgreen's why were they selling Pork Chitterlings. Their response was as follows:

We serve a wide variety of customers and recognize that some options aren’t for everyone. Your readers should also know that this location is one of the many in Chicago where we've expanded the healthy food offerings by adding things like fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, whole grain pasta and other basic healthy meal components.

We appreciate your feedback and will certainly take it into consideration

So do you think Walgreen's will remove Pork Chittelings?


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    This is such a silly entry... doesn't Whole Foods also sell junk food, or harmful things like alcohol, too?

    Haven't you been to the Walgreen's at 75th? The change is for real, not a temporary staging --- vegetables are more prominent than hot chips (unlike Jewel's).

    Gimme a break, i've seen you at Church's Chucken, so i know you don't always eat healthy either. Why rag on Walgreen's, which has been proactive in this step.

    This entry is a slap in the face to the people who work at Walgreen's (including my neighbor).

  • Get a life fool. Don't eat them if you don't want to eat it. Eating in excess is a problem, not the product itself. Make your own decisions and stop blaming everyone/everything else for your bad decision-making.

  • I'd like to know when Walgreens became a grocery store? They are starting to look more like the corner 7Eleven or White Hen Pantry.
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  • How utterly stupid. walgreen's goes out of their way to diminish food deserts and this is how you treat them. disgusting. They should close the store and be done with all of you whiny spoiled gimme brats. If they did not sell them this article would probably claim racism. Grow up!

  • In reply to nickelhair759:

    Your government disagrees with you about the "food desert' myth. http://www.ers.usda.gov/data/fooddesert/fooddesert.html. Secondly, whiny, I think not. If they sold them in your neighborhood you would blow up Walgreen's corporate office phone telling them to remove "that" product from your neighborhood store.

  • They also sell cows' milk for human consumption. Not only does it destroy humans, it causes the death of millions of calves every year. Shocking, yes?

  • Stop blaming other people for your own choices. The whole food desert issue is about making healthy choices available and affordable in certain areas. Why not bash walgreens for selling chips and candy bars too? They are merely giving you an option. If you chose to buy the chitterling, soda, candy, pop, cigarettes, etc... you only have yourself to blame. Sad to say this country is merely filled with a bunch of whiners.

  • In reply to borg:

    Well the food desert is a myth http://www.ers.usda.gov/data/fooddesert/fooddesert.html. Blaming, whining, NO! Questioning YES.

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    Why do we feel we need to stick our nose where it does not belong?
    If an individual likes this kind of food it is his right to do so and none of any one else's.
    Walgreens presents the product for sale, no one if forcing anyone to purchase it.
    What a crazy country, we just can NOT mind our own affairs.

  • "Worlee"-
    What are you even talking about? Why would they not be allowed to sell...any item they want? I'm guessing you don't sell Chitterlings in your pharmacy? You don't have a pharmacy? You don't have any say in what a private organization chooses to stock their shelves with? Oh, well then close your mouth and focus on something relevent, like perhaps a story on how desperate for a story you were that you framed the headline to seem like Walgreen's had ACTUALLY pulled a fast one on Michelle Obama. I'll be thinking of you next time I grab a pack of smokes and a Pepsi from my local Walgreen's.

  • In reply to joecicalese:

    It was relevant enough for you to comment. For your information, there are the concepts of "Community Standards and Community Rule. Go research them.

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    It was a reply to your stupidity!

  • In reply to Nicholas Hancock:

    That was an intelligent response sport.

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