Should We Say No to BP?

Should We Say No to BP?


Update: The signs have come down. The owner has removed the large gaudy signs and sign boards.

Should we say no to BP? Well, the Rev. Dr. Marc A. Robertson, an ordained minister, community activist, father and Chatham resident thinks we should. The Reverend and a small group of neighboring residents are staging a silent boycott of the BP station at 87th State Street. The group is staging the boycott because they feel the station owners and BP have disrespected the Chatham community. The station no only sells gas but has a wireless telephone and variety store inside. bpsignThe station plasters large signs on the building as well as on a wooden marque. the group feels that the station owner and BP would not allow this in other neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park, Ravenswood, etc. See picture below of station at Irvin Park and Belmont. bpnorthAlso, it is alleged to cater and harbor gang members, panhandlers, street vendors and others involved in negative behavior.
Reverend Robertson states he has several conversations with the owners of the station and the conversations became explosive with the owners stating "I don't care what the community thinks, I'm here to make money". bpsideReverend Robertson states it offended him and feels the statements are affronts to the community and the community should do something about it.

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