Is your child ready for school?- Track R schools start next week September 6, 2011

Is your child ready for school?- Track R schools start next week September 6, 2011

There are many changes going on in our schools and some are confusing, so it is imperative that parents and guardians go to the school on the first day and attend parent information meetings.

At the Burnside Elementary Opening Day Open House last year I was disappointed to hear that the PTA was in jeopardy of being disbanded because of a lack of participation. The PTA President, School Principal and Regional PTA representative made pleas for parents to get involved. So if you are a parent, teacher or resident of a child or a neighbor of the following schools

Park Manor
and any other school in our community GET INVOLVED!!

Also. with approximately 417,000 students in more than 600 schools, there are many ways you can volunteer to help the Chicago Public Schools.

Whether it is judging a science fair, painting a classroom, coaching a team, or even tutoring and mentoring, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer we can find the right school or project for you. You can become a CPS volunteer in 6 easy steps.
The volunteer process

Download and complete the volunteer application. Get application here
Send all forms to the address provided on the form including the background check. (Please send originals)
CPS completes background check and accepts or declines volunteer.
School Principal authorizes volunteer.
If a match can be found for you, you will be contacted by someone in our office.
Volunteer is assigned to a school and begins volunteering.
Ways to volunteer

Contact a non-profit agency that trains volunteers and organizes programs.
Work with one of our system wide programs such as the Chicago Math and Science Initiative, Early Childhood Education, Science Fair or Academic Decathlon.
Volunteer directly with a school of your choice.


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