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Top 10 Excuses Why People Don’t EXERCISE, Don’t Stick To Diets and Can’t Lose Weight

I have no time to shop, cook or eat healthy. I don’t have time to walk or exercise. I work too much . . . I’m too busy to do something about it . . . I’m too tired . . . I hate exercise. It’s too hard and boring. I’m too damn lazy. I... Read more »

How Kim Kardashian Helps Me Get My Body Back!

Some people will likely think I’m a bit krazy for channeling Kim Kardashian as my new Atkins Low Carb Weight Loss and Fitness Guru – but I’m not as krazy as you might think. Dear Kim: I greatly admire you for a lot of things – but the one thing on the top of my... Read more »

Low Carb Strawberry Truvia Ice Cream!

I’m a notorious ice cream freak. Problem is – it’s too high in sugar carbs – even the “No Sugar Added” varieties contain more carbs than I want to eat. And have you tried some of the lower carb and no carb commercial ice cream brands? All I can say is – yuck. Once an... Read more »

Start Your Weight Loss, Health & Fitness Plan Right Where You Are!

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” -Arthur Ashe Well, as I said, let’s start exactly where we are – and work with what we have – and that means using what we know works for sure. . . My best advice – to my special Guy Bestie (from my... Read more »
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