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Top 10 Excuses Why People Don’t EXERCISE, Don’t Stick To Diets and Can’t Lose Weight

I have no time to shop, cook or eat healthy. I don’t have time to walk or exercise. I work too much . . . I’m too busy to do something about it . . . I’m too tired . . . I hate exercise. It’s too hard and boring. I’m too damn lazy. I... Read more »

#BoycottIvanka? Why, In Heaven’s Name Would We?

Better yet, why not #BoycottNordstrom, #BoycottNeimanMarcus, and #BoycottMacys for starters. Or how about my current favorite, #BoycottShannonCoulter, the smart-ass San Francisco “brand strategist” who started all this jealous, divisive hashtag #bullshit. Word on the street is that all this #Boycott stuff is an Omen indicating the end of retail, as we know it and you... Read more »

Vogue Asks: Would Wear Jeans to Your Own Wedding?

If I looked like this gal – heck, yeah! Love her quirky take on staying true to being individual.   Somehow this all works . . . Take a peek at what this Brooklyn stylist wore to her own nuptials and you decide. Weddings and other important life events seem to be a lot more... Read more »

Wear White After Labor Day?

Rules ARE made to be broken and not wearing white after Labor Day is an antiquated crock . . . White is Right anytime of the year – as long as the fabric’s appropriate for your location and situation. You wouldn’t wear white gauze or linen in a colder clime – nor should you wear... Read more »

TV Reruns Runnin’ Ya Ragged?

Same old, same old end of summer programs got you in a cable funk? Me, too, so I decided to share a few of our favorite shows and series with you to catch on demand if you haven’t seen them yet. These suggestions should hold your interest in TV just until your fave shows start up again.... Read more »
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