Category: Animal Cruelty

Optivizor: The BEST Pet Eye & Wound Protection on the Planet!

Anyone who has a beloved pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, horse, or anything with a face, knows how awful it is to watch our creature kids suffer when they struggle with the traditional Elizabethan Cone Collar because of eye surgery or an injury. If you’re one of these pet parents, you’re going to want... Read more »

Florida’s Water Woes - Coming To YOUR City Next

   The recent severe algae bloom in Florida waters prompted Governor Rick Scott to declare a state of emergency in the four to six counties affected with polluted water. The runoff and flow of dirty water from Lake Okeechobee is blamed for the regularly occurring algae blooms for the past several years. This year’s is... Read more »

Death at Disney: Who’s Responsible?

  While the recent Disney gator attack on two-year old Lane Graves is a tragedy most of us cannot even imagine, who’s really at fault? No one wants to take responsibility for any of their actions in these highly litigious days. Everyone’s looking for someone else to blame, to take the heat for their personal... Read more »

“Rats!” Said The (Queen) Mayor, “If I Had Two, I’d Be King!!”

Chicago’s rat problem is pretty much out of control. I’m talking about the four-legged kind, not the political variety. One thing contributing to this rapidly rising rat infestation is all the urban sprawl and construction that’s displacing the poor little critters. And Chicago’s not alone – it’s happening in just about every city, nationwide. Here... Read more »

Greyhound Racing IS Headed For The Finish Line

Greyhound Racing May Be IS Headed For The Finish Line There are 19 dog tracks left open in the United States and 12 of them are in Florida. (Numbers vary according to several media resources.) The Greyhounds live in small cages for about 22 hours a day . . . this is NOT humane. Period. The... Read more »
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