President Trump’s Popularity Poll - Fake News or Real?


The newest Fake News MSM poll says President Donald J. Trump’s popularity is at an all-time low?

Total B.S.

I wondered where the Fake News ends and where We, the Peoples’ commonsense begins, so I conducted my own President Trump Popularity Polls – and guess what I found . . .

None of us loyal Trump supporters have any idea who the MSM and other “Pollsters” actually poll, but judging by my Facebook post shares and reach – this particular subject got several thousand positive comments ALL in favor and support of our President, Donald J. Trump.

The people who love him - love him. The democrats, liberals and left-wingers who don’t – really, rabidly don't.

Let me give you a few examples of what I found.

Sheila says: “Nobody asked me to do a poll!! GO, President Trump, GO, Vice President Pence!!! They are just talking to try to make people change their minds!! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!”

And, believe it or not, there were several thousand more similar comments.

Howevs, NOT one of us pro-Trumpers has EVER been asked to voice our opinions on any poll of this sort.

Now what does that tell you?

Only a very few Trump people were called by phone, but when the caller asked them if they were pro-Trump or anti – upon hearing the pro-Trump support - the Pollster-callers always hung up!

Now what does that tell you?


“With 36% of democ-rats and 86% of Republicans – duh – what does THAT tell ya!”

And one of my very favorites: “They are poling the same people that said Clinton would win the election by a landslide! They were WRONG then and they are wrong now!!”

“Wrong again. Do you want people to call you Fake News? Because that’s how you get people to call you Fake News!” By spewing Fake News!

“That’s right! We, the People LOVE Trump!”

Then there are hundreds and hundreds more comments like, “They didn’t ask me! Or any other “Deplorable.” BS Fake News.” “Who did they ask?” “He’s my President! And I’m PROUD of it!” “I love him!” “Fake Polls – President Trump – You’re doing a fine job!” “More Fake News! The man has to fight every single day for us. We have to fight harder for him!” “Liars!” “Libtards Polls!” “All time high! The BEST President ever!” “Demo-douche liars!”

Are you getting the real picture here?

“False News by False News Outlets. All that counts is what We, the People think. And everyone I know can now see through the lying and obstruction against our President to do his job any better than he already is!”

All this said – if you doubt any of my “Unofficial President Donald J. Trump Popularity Poll” numbers, please go to my Facebook page, and add up all the shares across the group pages and multitudes of positive comments, "Likes," Heart emojis, and more positive feedback across the entire Facebook site.

Conduct your own polls and add up the figures . . . don’t take the MSM’s word for it. But then, if you’re a democrat – your poll numbers will probably match those of the Fake News MSM’s, so keep it to yourselves.

Because you can take my numbers to the bank . . .

And we already know who the REAL winner here is - and it wasn’t Hillary!

# # #
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