Democrats Destroy Their Own Party

Actually, it’s kinda fun watching the Democrats destroy their own party.

I mean, take for instance their newest marketing “brainstorm.”


"The Democrats - A Better Deal  - Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages"

Gee whiz, sounds an awful lot like President Trump’s plan:

“We want to make sure that we have the workforce development programs we need to ensure these jobs are being filled by American workers.” –President Donald J. Trump

AMERICAN WORKERS LEFT BEHIND: Many American workers are being left behind as current education and training programs fail to equip them with the skills they need. Apprenticeships will not only keep jobs in America, but ensure that American workers and trained and hired to fill those jobs.

Loving and totally trusting “LDJ’s Personal Facebook Political Polls” the way I do, I couldn’t help myself, so I posted this picture on my Facebook page as soon as it hit Fox’s airwaves this morning. I then shared it to about 30 of my favorite political groups - and the immediate responses are not to be believed. They’re still coming in as we speak and will do so for many days to come. It’s like watching the stock market rise! Trust me.

Here are two of my favorite comments:

From Lucy:

“Better deal” for the rich and wicked they mean. I'm a registered Dem, and right now I would NOT vote for a one of them. They are not for Americans. They started this “white elite” baloney.

I am white and will not vote for any of these hateful, disgusting people. I don't want a Muslim country, which apparently they are for, which shows in their words and actions. Just look at England! Look at Sweden! Look at France! Do you want that junk going on here!”

And it IS already here – look at Minneapolis and Michigan, for instance, but don’t get me started on that one . . . It does not bode well for OUR future.

And from Laurel:

“Yeah. And I bet their “New” message is, “Stick with us and we will keep you on welfare and control your money and you can stay at home and do nothing as long as you vote for us.”

They’re a controlling group of people. “We will make the government bigger and make the working class people pay for it and you.”

Bunch of crap. Nobody gives something for nothing. You will pay with the quality of your life. Look around and see what and who has gotten better for the past eight years. It is not the working class men and women. It is Washington politicians and government.  For goodness sake, Wake Up America!”

This “new” campaign the Dems are pushing is a HUGE blunder on their part.

All the Dems want to do is make our country ungovernable and then swoop in like a flock of Super Heroes who’ve come to save the day.


Today’s left is still in election-loss denial. The Dems are only interested in demonizing, dividing, demeaning, and dismissing President Trump, - and this goes for his entire family and all his political post picks, too. Everything good he does to help #MakeAmericaGreatAgain is constantly overlooked by the left and the MSM. Tragic and very dangerous to our democracy.

And YOU all know it.

Trouble is, tough, a lot of Republicans are too complacent, to “well mannered,” if you will, to get out and riot, scream and shout everyone down like the left always does . . . The Dems opinions and wants are ALL that matters to them and they’re prepared to get what they want, when they want it - at ALL costs.

Again, this is very dangerous for our country.

Things MUST change and it’s up to We, the People who voted for REAL change to make them change. We’re wise to them and have had enough.


# # #
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