Top 10 Excuses Why People Don’t EXERCISE, Don’t Stick To Diets and Can’t Lose Weight


  1. I have no time to shop, cook or eat healthy. I don’t have time to walk or exercise. I work too much . . . I’m too busy to do something about it . . . I’m too tired . . .
  1. I hate exercise. It’s too hard and boring. I’m too damn lazy. I can’t do it. There’s no health club or facility near my house or office. I don’t have the equipment or the clothes. I’m too out of shape to exercise in front of other people.
  1. I’m looking for a quick fix just like I’ve always done!

Americans want it all NOW and we want it FAST! It ain’t gonna happen by accident. Everything takes daily dedication and effort.

  1. I can’t give up my glass of wine with dinner – not even for two weeks!

How many of you stop at just one glass per night? What some of you really mean is: I can’t give up my nightly bottle of wine. I can’t give up my chocolate, my bread, my potatoes, bananas, oatmeal, beer, soda, my whatever.

  1. It’s too painful to exercise – I have a sharp pain in my this, my that, and my other thing. I just can’t walk.

What if you started slowly – a little at a time, but did it every single day?

It takes 35 straight days to make or break a habit.

Develop the daily cardio habit. Now! You’re welcome . . .

  1. My husband, adult kids, sister, brother, mother, father, lover, boss, etc., all drive me nuts. It’s all the stress of having to take care of everyone else first. I guess I’m just a stress eater.

Answer me this: What exactly is a stress eater?

  1. I like eating this stuff. Why should I deprive myself? I deserve to eat whatever I want. Whenever I want! I don’t want to go without ever eating my favorite stuff again. No one’s gonna tell me what to eat! I hate restrictions. I hate weighing and measuring food. It’s boring to eat the same things all the time. I hate to count calories. I love being fat!


  1. I’m not that fat! I’m not Plus-Size! I don’t shop in those stores or departments. So what if I need a wheel chair to get around. I love to eat. I live to eat. My husband, lover, significant other, doesn’t think I’m fat and likes me exactly the way I am. Yeah, fat, dumpy, outta shape, safe and non-threatening.

Do you have any idea how many times I’ve heard this?

A lot of people are in major denial about how fat and unhealthy they or their kids really are. And this has NOTHING to do with “Fat Shaming” or “Body Shaming.” Fat is fat. Get over it. You can’t hide it.

  1. I don’t want to put forth the effort – it’s always the same. I eat all the right foods, but still gain weight. Every time I go on a diet, I do really well, but the second I go off of it I gain my weight back.

Here’s a News Flash for ya: You have to make it your forever lifestyle so you don’t regain. Period. There is NO other way.

Whatever you do to get the weight off – you have to do to keep it off . . .

  1. Some people are afraid to alienate their husband, kids, sister, best friend, lover, significant other, etc., by becoming thinner and more beautiful. They may not even trust themselves once they lose their weight.

The fact is: Most people are too comfortable in their rut no matter how much they complain and say they want to change.

How about you? How comfy are you hauling all that excess weight around??

Isn’t it time you Commit To Get Fit – and Find The Secret To YOUR Own True And Everlasting Weight Loss – once and for all?

One Last Tip: You absolutely cannot exercise away a BAD diet!

(Excerpt from Commit To Get Fit: Find The Secret To YOUR Own True And Everlasting Weight Loss, by Laura Dion-Jones, Chapter 5. Print version. Amazon.)

# # #

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