Is Facebook Really Over?

A gal I know on Facebook posted this thought today and I’m eager to hear how everyone else feels about this situation:

“Facebook is played out-becoming bored with the bullshit, wannabe, overbearing know-it-alls, nosey, gotta-have-my-hand-in-everyone’s-shit games. The drama is worse than any shit I have ever seen in my life . . .”

1st Comment: “Ain’t that the truth!! Everyone wanting to be like everyone else and striving for approval. So weak minded!!”

2nd Comment: “Absolutely! I looked into another do-dad (?freedom something or other?). I also have mewe (?) of this crap that’s goin’ on with FB. It’s out of hand!! If y’all think of flippin’ to another “good” social media forum site, etc., please let me know. It be nice for us all who have enjoyed being able to speak, listen, and be a part of these awesome groups, and FB friends/family, to stay as one United Patriotic Family! Thank you XXX, for your voice!”

My Comment: “I personally strive to create awareness, especially when it comes to Pro-Trump matters. Fitness, motivation, Boomer lifestyle advice, fashion and beauty, are my fields of expertise and Facebook is one of my vehicles. The REAL drama on FB is caused by the Left and MSM, and our responses to their BS Fake News.

Ever since last summer, when things really started to look like they were going to go sideways for then candidate, President Elect Trump, I, along with many other people I know, got very disillusioned and totally fed up with the vicious campaign rhetoric that developed from the Left. It was obvious to a lot of people that the only way Hillary could ever hope to beat Trump was to slander and trash his reputation beyond repair . . . and they almost succeeded. But the American voting public saw through the democrats’ BS and voted for Trump anyway – because we’re desperate for real political change.

Now I know what some of you are gonna say: Trump ain’t exactly an altar boy in the mudslinging campaign rhetoric department – however, we have NEVER, in our current memory’s history, seen such venomous, abject disrespect of a Presidential Candidate who is now our sitting United States President. Tell me I’m wrong . . .

Couple all of this with the #BoycottIvanka BS from the Left, and I snapped. I let the whole thing derail me from my mission, which is to create awareness about motivation in health, fitness, Boomer lifestyle advice  and a lot of other things in my expertise wheelhouse.

That said – how do you feel about Facebook’s time being over? Agree? Or no?

# # #

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