“Does She or Doesn’t She” Conceal & Carry? THAT’s the Question


 The term “Does She or Doesn’t She,” harkens back to the late 50’s and early 60’s as the #1 slogan for Miss Clairol Hair Coloring.

“Does She or Doesn’t She? Only Her Hairdresser Knows For Sure!”

Self-defense, IMHO, in this day and age of rioting, robberies, muggings and such – is something one needs to be Uber-aware of.

Protecting one’s self, their family and those around them as best they can is now a daily fact of life, so your answer just might be to get a Conceal and Carry permit. Just in case . . .

Having a Conceal and Carry permit is no joke. Shooting someone, even in self-defense, will radically change your life forever – as your C&C instructor will constantly remind you.

Why all this talk of arming oneself?

Lately, River North is experiencing far too many armed robberies, purse snatchings, muggings and Bump-and-Run’s – the latest form of carjacking – for my taste. I’ve lived here for 22 years and have never seen crime in our area as out of hand as it’s getting now. And I know several women who now carry . . .

For the past month or so, I’ve seen a lot of “undesirables” loitering around Rock N Roll McDonald’s, and then about 30 minutes later, there they are – strolling along right in front of my house. I also spot them in “my” CVS Drug store as well as just moseying around the hood, looking, observing, picking out “targets” or “marks.”

While they do come out more at night, an alarming amount of this crime takes place during the day – depending on the perps and how unaware their victims are.

I walk over to East Bank Club on a daily basis. I duck into CVS a few times a week, too, so I’m not happy having any of this crap mar my day.

Last week, while picking up a few prescriptions and things from my local CVS, I was openly stalked around the store by one “brother” who clearly wasn’t looking for things in any of the areas I was in - even though he was carrying around a couple of Gatorade bottles.

How do I know this?

In another life, I was married to a Chicago cop for about eight years. When you live with anyone in law enforcement, they see so much of society’s crazy, slimy underbelly that they can make you nuts with all their safety and security tips. But now I’m glad he did.

Let’s just say that because of this up close and personal security training, I know when someone’s putting the “make” on me figuring I’m an easy mark. Trust me.

I say “easy” because as a Baby Boomer of a certain age, I tend to stand out in a crowd with the way I dress, present myself, and the fact that I have a very unusual color of brilliant red hair. Need I say more.

selfdefenseseniorsWalking with a limp and the use of a Nordic hiking pole for stability when I’m out in public might give someone who doesn’t know me the impression that I’m a feeble old lady when I’m anything but.

This message is also a plea to our local Chicago Police Commander, Paul Bauer of the 18th District, https://home.chicagopolice.org/community/districts/18th-district-near-north/ to do something about all the undesirables lurking around our neighborhood and places where they clearly don’t belong, especially disturbing the peace in the wee hours . . .

We need to keep our neighborhoods and communities safe by reporting anything unusual that is going on as soon as we see it. “See something say something,” pertains to everyone’s hood . . .


Again, “Does She or Doesn't She?” Is she carrying or is she not?

Ask yourself, “Did she fire six shots or only five? Well to tell ya the truth, I kinda lost track myself.”

But if I were you, punk, I’d ask myself one very important question, besides “Do I feel lucky today?” And that is . . .

WTF IS she carrying?

PS: I took my C&C class at Midwest Guns and Pistol Range http://www.midwestguns.com/ in Lyons, Illinois, simply because after considerable research, I felt they were the most qualified, thorough and knowledgeable in their field with top-shelf instructors.

My C&C instructor, Terry Bell, has several decades of experience in law enforcement, private security work and self-protection. He knows the gun laws better than anyone else and constantly informs the class, with terrific examples, about exactly what is what in regard to as many self-defense situations as you think you might ever encounter while protecting yourself.

And for an extreme eye-opener, go to (Texas Triggers):  https://youtu.be/HYrSW39nqKU

Just sayin’.

# # #
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