Optivizor: The BEST Pet Eye & Wound Protection on the Planet!

Anyone who has a beloved pet, whether it's a dog, cat, horse, or anything with a face, knows how awful it is to watch our creature kids suffer when they struggle with the traditional Elizabethan Cone Collar because of eye surgery or an injury.

If you’re one of these pet parents, you’re going to want to try Optivizor’s Protective Pet Solution products. They have the newest and most innovative eye and wound care products to safeguard your pet on the market. And I’m very thankful I found them . . .

I believe in their products so much so, that I am writing this as sort of a PSA for animal lovers the world over . . .

My 14-year old Italian Greyhound rescue, Ginger, is blind and too high risk for any surgery. She has a level four heart murmur and has auto-immune, for which she takes prednisolone every other day to stay alive. Need I say more.

About two months ago, she developed an ulcerated cornea that if she ripped it just one more eentsy layer, literally, her eye would’ve ruptured and that would’ve been it.

After about six weeks of the E-Cone Collar, Ginger had had enough. She began to rebel bigly – and anyone who knows Ginger knows what a perfect little doggie she is - EXCEPT when she’s not happy. Because when Ginger’s not happy, ain’t NOBODY happy! Trust me on this. Ask her babysitter, Auntie Carol . . .

Ginger’s eye specialist, Dr. Annora Sheehan Gaerig, DVM, MPH, DACVO, at Eye Care for Animals here in Chicago, suggested I investigate the Optivizor for Ginger since she might have to live in one 24/7 for the rest of her life.

Optivizor asked me for some of Ginger’s specific measurements, and a few other questions pertaining to her breed and individual situation. At 8 ½ pounds, Ginger’s a pretty petite, yet gracefully lanky, little girl for her height, so a few pictures were also needed.


Based on what I told Optivizor’s customer service, they recommended three different possible sizes of Optivizor for our needs. They charged me for all three visors, however, as soon as I chose the one that I felt was the best fit, I sent back the other two visors and got a full refund with lightening speed.

Eat, Drink, Play, Love or Sleep with comfort and ease!

To now be able to watch my beloved Ginger do all the things she’s normally accustomed doing, even though blind, is a real joy.

Optivisor’s true passion is to help dogs and their owners find their dog’s true Optivizor fit. Realistically, they can’t fit every single dog due to wide variations on size/head/neck proportions, but honestly, they can fit 95% of them. So, don’t dare give up on the first try without asking them          for assistance.

And please don’t order just one Optivizor and then return it saying it didn’t fit, totally giving up without contacting customer service for help. They try and offer sizing and fitting assistance all over their website, via emails, etc., so I know they really can help you get the right fit if you take them up on their offer.

We owe it to our beloved pets to help them find the best, most comfortable solutions to their medical challenges – just as we would for ourselves.

Whatever the situation, Optivizor is the perfect solution for your pet because they provide advanced medical eye protection that is used and approved by veterinarians. Originating in New Zealand, I believe they started their company making eye protection visors for horses, so they have a rather large equine selection.

They also have a terrific visor called the “Novaguard” which provides superior wound and licking protection.  Again – say bye-bye to the old Elizabethan Cone Collar for that stuff, too.

Optivizor’s superior customer service is waiting to hear from you in order to help custom fit YOUR dog. They helped Ginger finally find her true “Opti-fit” and she’s not been this happy since she lost her sight.

Happy Tails and Happy Trails – from Optivizor!

And from Ginger, too!!

 # # #

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