Bye-Bye Scott Pelley!

The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley can’t get much more incendiary and inflammatory than it already is. “Poison Pelley" dwells on every single shred of NEGATIVITY about every hangnail, about every eyelash, about anything and everything regarding President Donald J. Trump.

And personally, a whole lot of us are pretty sick of him and his smug, snarky, self-important bias by omission.

He's like watching that total pain-in-the-ass high school kid we all knew - who always thought his shit didn't stink, knew all the answers or so he thought - and overrode everyone else to demonstrate his "smarts" . . . ewww. That guy.

One of the things that really sets me off is his blather about the "Mostly Muslim" country travel ban of President Trump's. If he uses the words "Mostly Muslim" one more time, I think I'll friggin’ snap.

Just sayin.’

But, wait, there’s more!

This just came across the wire: “Scott Pelley Reportedly Out of ‘CBS Evening News.’”


Is this to good to be true?!!

Come to find out, Pelley’s boss, “CBS News” President, David Rhodes, made the decision. Rumor has it the pair doesn’t get along . . . and that Pelley’s ratings are down. The latter’s not a rumor, that’s for sure. Is it any wonder?

This transition for Pelly from the “CBS Evening News” to “60 Minutes” could not have come at better time for the viewers. Maybe, just maybe they, “CBS Evening News,” will become less biased and start to report on the real truth of all matters concerning We, the People, our country, and our President, Donald J. Trump. We’re all tired and bored with the spin . . . seems for now Fox is the only really reliable cable TV news resource in the country besides OAN.

We, the People want to hear about the “Real Issues” that keep most Americans up at night. NOT Russia’s hand in hacking the election. As one Facebook meme said of Putin: “If I had that kind of power, you never would’ve had Obama for eight years.” I’m not a big fan of divisive, subversive, seditious or treasonous rhetoric or actions. Just sayin’.

One more thing I’d like to share with you is a message I received from a gal on Facebook regarding my posts. It’s what keeps me going:

“I truly don't watch the news or talk shows anymore than I have to, so Laura, reading your commentary did me a world of good.  I keep thinking that maybe I'm just overreacting sometimes, and can't maintain my objectivity, but truly, I see now that the writing on the wall HAS indeed existed for some years now.  Thank you for your frank and honest assessment.  I believe most intelligent and open-minded people share your views.”

I can’t thank this woman enough. And from what I hear, there’s a whole lot more folks who stand right behind she and I in this . . .

Oh, one more “Scott Pelley on Trump Tidbit”: “Given his penchant for falsehoods . . .”

I say Scott Pelley’s penchant for falsehoods is his bias by omission.

But none of this matters anymore unless you’re a diehard “60 Minutes” fan.

# # #
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