Sugary Drink Tax Gonna Break Our Economic Backs


If you don’t think our sugary drink tax is gonna be a bitter pill to swallow – just take a look at Philadelphia and ask them how they like it.

Philly is the 1st major us city to impose the egregious sugary drink tax and it’s backfiring.

First enacted to fund education, the industry now says it’s costing jobs. (When in doubt – tell the taxpayers “it’s for education!”)

Over 1 million cases of soda sit in a Canada Dry warehouse and the owners have laid off at least 30 people because their business is down 45% since Philly’s sugary drink tax was imposed.

PepsiCo is planning laying off at least 80 people because of philly’s 1 ½ cent per ounce sugary drink tax which is one of the highest in the country.

A 12-pack before the sugar tax cost $5.58 – now it costs $7.74.

A 20-ounce soda that was $1.88 before the tax is now up 30 cents to $2.18.

And if this is a “sugary drink tax,” why are beverages without sugar being taxed, also? What’s next? Taxation on milk, all milk products – and then maybe even mom’s breast milk.

This is not fear mongering, it’s simple economics at play.

And the sad reality of it is - this tax has nothing to do with obesity!

Because of the sugary drink tax, Philly has taken in nearly $6,000,000 supposedly for Pre-K programs and has hired about 250 new workers.

I say supposedly, because here in Illinois, the “profits” from the Illinois State Lottery were supposed to go to education funding. Did they? Who can account for all that money?

Further, Philly says, kids in struggling neighborhoods might need these programs – but the soda workers need their jobs, too.

Bear in mind - no jobs – no taxes.

The beverage industry’s battle cry should be: If the tax goes away – then the jobs will stay. Something we sorely need in Illinois.

Chicago will be the largest city in the country to enact this sugary drink tax this coming July and the soda producers are already warning of the same drop in jobs here.

Thank you, Mike Madigan and the rest of your crooked career Cartel – this is just exactly what we need in Illinois – more job losses, more people fleeing a state with over-bloated expenses, egregious taxes on almost everything, and the refusal by all democratic legislators to tighten the state’s fiscal belt, figure out a way to balance the budget - reducing the tax burden on all of us taxpaying citizens.

And a special thank you to Toni Preckwinkle, our current Cook County Board President and former alderman on the Chicago City Council (4th Ward), for being the deciding vote to push the sugary drink tax through in Chicago. We owe all this extra taxation to you!

But don’t just take my word for it. For more info:

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