The 2017 Golden Globes: Most Disgusting Display of Disrespect by Disgruntled Dems - Ever



Last night's Golden Globes proved that Republicans obviously have way more class than the Democrats. They should only know that when they go low – we go high.

Eight years ago, we didn’t like Obama nor his picks, either, but we didn’t riot, disrupt, destroy, disrespect, perpetuate racial hatred, kidnap, torture, call for obstruction - none of that mess. The Hollywood Democratic Elite needs to get over themselves – as do a lot of other disgruntled, disillusioned democrats.

And even when your pal, Vice Ringleader-In-Chief, Joe Biden, says, “It’s over.” Boom! Drop the mic! It’s over!

Why do you have to constantly be reminded that You Guys Lost! Republicans won. Keep this crap up and you’ll never win another government election again - because all you’re doing by showing your true colors is alienating more and more people to swing over to the right.

Folks out here are sick of your relentless, divisive political rhetoric. Your persistent, egregious waste of our hard-earned tax dollars. Your unrelenting, Uber-PC-ness. And all the rest of the crap you perpetuated on us for the last eight years.

We, the People, have grown tired of the Hollywood Elite acting as if they’re our voice, especially in all things political. Like we can’t think for ourselves.

Prime example, at last night’s Golden Globes, Meryl Streep was way out of line for using an entertainment awards venue as her bully pulpit to air her political views. Scores of us do not appreciate any of the Hollywood or Music Industry Elite cramming their politics down our throats. Look what good all y’all did for Hillary . . .

America – how could you let Meryl Streep, the rest of Hollywood, and President Obama down!

Streep’s commentary showed not only low class - but she wore the ugliest and worst Golden Globes Red Carpet dress – ever – in the history of awards shows.

It was almost as if Meryl said while dressing for the evening’s festivities, "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

"Not you, nor Hillary, not Mamma Obama, nor any of the rest of your resentful ilk,” replied the Mirror.

And then the Mirror proceeded to crack into buckets of tiny bits barfing itself all over Meryl Streep in protest.

It’s extraordinarily obvious that the Liberal Hollywood Elitists hate PEOTUS Donald J. Trump with an unbridled passion, and won’t even give him a chance to see what good he can do for our country. Yet they cry out for a “Principled Press” to “hold Trump accountable,” which, in itself, is a total oxymoron – especially in light of “Saints Hillary and Bill Clinton's" historic behavior.

The Elitists can only hear what they want to hear - in the name of “Safeguarding the Truth.” IMHO, this is traitorous stinkin’ thinkin’.

And while it’s quite apparent that a lot of you may not like the election results, Donald J. Trump IS our President and we ALL should support him to help #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

As far as entertainers boycotting performing at President Trump’s inauguration, and blacklisting those who do perform - you only hurt yourselves because “We, the People,” will voice our opinion of you and your treacherous actions with our spending power.

#BoycottHollywood is now Middle America’s new battle cry. And believe me, we all have plenty of other entertaining things to do than spend our precious time and hard-earned money on your films, concerts and performances.

Jackie Evancho deserves a big “Bravo!” for living her truth and seeing her popularity rise even higher in the process. I wish I were an entertainer. I’d sing for Trump’s inauguration in a Hollywood heartbeat!

Remember: Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence invites violence. Boycotts invite boycotts. Who’s responsible for ALL the recent violence, disrespect and boycotts across the Land?

None other than - Disgruntled Democrats!

To all you Dems in denial: “When you go low – we go high.”

Roll up your sleeves, shut the F up and show up - to help us all #Make America Great Again.

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