Judge Jeanine Pirro Shoots From the Hip About Trump’s Comments On Fox This Morning

Judge Jeanine says it so much better than I ever could, so I quote:

“The statements are devastating, the words are disgusting, it’s awful, it’s the kind of language none of us want to hear.

Let me put this in perspective for you, it was 11 years ago with a man who was in television, sounds like a locker room rant with a couple of guys egging each other on. But here’s the bottom line, I don’t know if anybody is so stunned by this that it deserves the wall-to-wall coverage that it’s getting – and I’m gonna get to Hillary in a minute – but the most important part of all this is – it was 11 years ago, we’ve now got a man who apologized and to some people it wasn’t sufficient enough apology.

OK, I’m sure that he’s gonna probably do more in the next 24 hours, but the bottom line is this: America is in a mess. Who do you want?

Do want a guy who has a past, who admits to you that he’s got a past, who didn’t plan to run for president or do you want a SMOOTH TALKING woman who hides everything that she says, denies the truth until it’s put in front of her, and then she’ll STILL deny it, say don’t believe your lying eyes.

We’ve got problems in this country, with jobs, with ISIS. We wanna take care of our families. We don’t want our kids to be in debt for the next few generations. And you know what – if you want things the way they are, well then you go right ahead and ignore what Wikileaks did and released about Hillary Clinton smooth talking.

You know who should be furious right now? The Bernie Sanders supporters. They’re the ones who got taken by Hillary Clinton.

But to go back to Donald, yeah, it’s disgusting, it’s awful, you’re damn right it is, but you know what? This is the time for us to buck up and figure out what’s right for us, our children and our pocketbooks. And if you want more of the same from the last eight years, well, then go right ahead and trash Donald Trump. You go out there and say Hillary is a saint – it’s insane but that’s not the case.

And that’s all I have to say about it. I’m on my way to St Louis and you’ll hear more from me tonight on this . . . “

Further, Judge Jeanine says:

“Donald Trump has to learn how to prosecute Hillary Clinton and right now what he’s gotta do is he’s gotta get aggressive. He has to show several sides of himself tomorrow night. He’s gotta show the side where he’s embarrassed, he is ashamed, he is sorry, but what he’s gotta do is turn it around and say, ‘I can fix YOUR life. I didn’t plan to do this. I didn’t plan to run for President. I’m doing it for this country right now. I don’t need this crap, to be honest with you, I’ve got a family, I’ve got a fortune. Hillary needs this job because it’s the ONLY thing she’s got. And it’s ALL that she’s planned for. Do you want a woman who’s not in a position to be strong for us and believes in open borders, open trade, doubletalk that . . .’

Go right ahead and vote for her. You’ll get what you deserve.”

My thoughts:

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

It was boys locker room braggadocio talk. I don‘t know too many guys who haven’t bragged about their conquests with women. It’s a total guy thing . . . As Trump says, "Bill Clinton's told me far worse on the golf course." Shit, Bill Clinton's done far worse . . .

At least Trump didn't stick a cigar up her pussy ON the presidential desk IN the Oval Office, get God knows how many blow jobs and more there and then lie about it - while under oath as a sitting president.

What's this got to do with the election? Everything. Don't kid yourselves, kids. Bill Clinton will be Hillary's CO-President IF she gets in. And Hillary endorsed the whole thing because she "stood by her man." WTF.

The Clinton's were broke, dead broke when they left the White House.

You do the math.

Just sayin’.

# # #

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