Florida’s Water Woes - Coming To YOUR City Next

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 The recent severe algae bloom in Florida waters prompted Governor Rick Scott to declare a state of emergency in the four to six counties affected with polluted water. The runoff and flow of dirty water from Lake Okeechobee is blamed for the regularly occurring algae blooms for the past several years. This year’s is the worst thus far.

Who’s to blame for the toxic algae polluting Florida’s waterways??

Ask Big Sugar, Big Citrus, and the politicians who support them and their lobbyists to name but a few of the biggest industrial polluters in Florida’s history.

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Lake Okeechobee is a highly polluted lake and sometimes “they have to release polluted water from the lake to keep it from flooding,” says Senator Bill Nelson (D) Florida, as the highly endangered manatees, among other precious marine life, struggle to survive in the thick, green, oozy, smelly slime.


The algae bloom water pollution is a threat to all who live in Florida, including the wildlife that lives in and depends on the Florida waterways and ocean for their liquid habitat – that is healthy no more . . .

This recent algae bloom is definitely the canary in the coalmine, folks.

Florida’s way of life is dictated by water. Not just the lakes and rivers, but now the ocean is suffering from the pollutants, as well.

Take a look at some of these pictures and then you tell me . . .

The Army Corps of Engineers says they plan to limit the outflow of polluted water from Lake Okeechobee - but a lot of Florida taxpayers and residents think this is too little, too late.

Now, the challenge to lawmakers and industry guilty of the pollution from their fertilizer runoff and mindless dumping – figure out how to clean up Lake Okeechobee and the rest of the Florida waterways and ocean that are now polluted at by your careless, dastardly hand.

What’s called for are stricter environmental laws for the corporations who are responsible for this pollution in the first place.

Big Sugar and Big Citrus make money off our backs and now they’re ruining the entire Florida environment and ecosystem. Wait and see.

How do you waste water?


This is a picture of one of the ice machines at my health club on any given day - the water waste is egregious. Yes, ice IS water . . .

What are YOU prepared to do about your water wasting habits - starting right now, today?

Reminder: Think Flint, Michigan and the 2015 Gold King Mine waste water spill in the Colorado River – of all places. Bet you never thought this would happen in such a pristine environment, did you?

Think this can’t happen where you live? Think again.

As a Florida native, I weep as I write this. Toxic algae blooms and more are coming to a water supply near you – much sooner than you think.

The oceans are NOT limitless resources of water and marine life. We’re slowly killing ourselves with all manner of dumping, fertilizer runoff, drilling, mining and more . . . where and when will it end? Hopefully not with our extinction.

Sadly, I fear we will live to see water become a commodity more precious than even gas or gold.

Start to do your part. Conserve water wherever and whenever you can.

Stop the water waste. Trust me . . .

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