“Rats!” Said The (Queen) Mayor, “If I Had Two, I’d Be King!!”

Chicago’s rat problem is pretty much out of control. I'm talking about the four-legged kind, not the political variety.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 3.11.12 PM

One thing contributing to this rapidly rising rat infestation is all the urban sprawl and construction that’s displacing the poor little critters. And Chicago’s not alone - it’s happening in just about every city, nationwide.

Here in River North, our building is right, smack on the Chicago River and we have rats – but nothing like the onslaught Lincoln Park is defending itself against with the demolition of the old Children’s Memorial Hospital on Fullerton. I shudder at the thought . . .

Then there’s all the underground tunnels, warrens and hidey-holes hidden beneath Chicago’s streets. Well, you get the picture. We’re dang near overrun!

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 3.47.19 PM

Our city is also dissected and bisected by the Chicago River, with Lake Michigan bordering us entirely on our east side. So, we’re kind of surrounded by water, you might say.

Rats love water.

But rats also love canine feces and urine. Supposedly, it’s like caviar to them – or so say the exterminators who are totally impotent in their ability to get rid of our rats. They even have the politicians brainwashed into believing the rat infestation is due mostly to the lazy dog owners who do not pick up after their kids, err, I mean dogs.

Those guys gotta earn their keep and lay blame on someone or something for their failure to eradicate most of the rats, so why not pick on the poor, defenseless dogs.

However, rats are known to eat a host of other delicacies like garbage, whether fresh or rotting - rats aren’t that fussy. They’ll also eat plants, yard and garden waste, pet food, bird food, you name it – those little critters will eat almost anything. I’ll bet they’d even eat horse $#it. Lord knows Chicago’s politicians are plenty full of that . . .

But guess what? The rats were here first. Not that I’m sticking up for them. I’m just sayin’.

I also hear that one very important factor in this exploding rat population must be credited Chicago’s recent mild winter.

NOT strictly to canine feces and urine – like the politicians and the exterminators would have us believe.

Regardless of where the rats come from or why they’re so difficult to get rid of, please, please, please pick up after your dogs ASAP. Not doing so is like neglecting to change your kid’s diaper.

You’re responsible for your dogs. They’re your “kids.”

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