Orlando: Another Tragedy's Aftershock

We shouldn’t be shocked that it happened yet again.

But it still makes me so mad, I wanna scream. My heart hurts. I cannot concentrate. Like all, I weep.

No one’s claimed responsibility, but "Orlando attack praised on pro-Isis forums," says CNN, who, BTW has the best coverage.


In a right to conceal-and-carry state, why was Omar Saddiqui Mateen able to take so many lives and cause hurt and misery to so many others.

There are opinions and opinions and even more opinions about gun control and this heinous tragedy - as well as every other mass-shooting event in our country’s recent history. This, deemed the worst by far. What a distinction . . .

But one thing I’d like to say I know for sure – is that if one, just one person in that night club had the presence of mind to whip out their legally concealed weapon, maybe, just maybe the impact of this tragic terrorist act would have been far less severe.

My friend, Doris, is right in saying, “Radical Islam and the Muslim religion are two distinctly separate entities.” 

I say, “Let us and Trump NOT confuse the two.”

Also, we cannot let ANY government/politicians take away our right to bear arms. Florida is s conceal and carry state. I have a permit – here, there, and almost everywhere. Too bad no one in that Orlando nightclub or even Sandy Hook was carrying a gun.

We must stop the shooters, bombers and mass murders in the act - if not before.

Live and let live or else stay the F#(k in your own country. STOP trying to further ruin ours.

The following very precise and succinct insight was made on a friend’s FB page this morning. Please allow me to quote Betsy Green, a friend of a friend: “Murder and mass murder are already illegal activities - he could have packed a bomb which is also unlawful. Under some philosophies, murder is NOT unlawful, but being gay is.

I don't understand how any public venue allows entry to an armed individual. I parked at AON center yesterday and every car was searched for bombs, weapons, fugitives, bodies, auto weapons. I felt safer parking and knowing that ALL others had the same search.

Mass murder is passive aggressive and committed by haters - those with illegal arms will be detected by metal detectors and pat downs.

The victims yesterday were unnecessarily sacrificed because of relaxed policies, which were in place at earlier hours but not by 2am. The killing was too easy.” End quote.

What good is legislation going to do for all the assault weapons and black market assault weapons already out there. We have done killed ourselves.

I weep for what our world has become.

# # #

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