Kim Kardashian Using Atkins 40 to Drop Baby Weight Again.

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Boy, I know how Kim Kardashian must feel trying to shed 40 pounds of her baby weight, yet again.

I have no kids but I certainly know how to lose copious amounts of weight and maintain that weight loss the Atkins Low Carb Lifestyle way.

After living life as a chronically obese woman, I know a thing or two about tremendous weight loss. And maintenance.

Officially beginning my low carb lifestyle diet in January of 2003, I lost 130 pounds in 2.5 years and then another 20 pounds over the last several years with all my leg and foot surgery rehabs.

But here's also what I know for sure: Any fool can lose a ton of weight on any diet they choose. Who among us hasn't lost and regained the same dang poundage over our lifetime?

The real achievement is in the maintenance - the sustainable weight loss we all crave. I've managed to keep my weight off into my 13th year.

"Celebrities are usually admonished for going public with weight struggles because they have professionals like personal trainers, nutritionists and private chefs at their disposal." So with all Kim has access to, Diets in Review asked Colette Heimowitz, VP Nutrition and Education at Atkins Nutritionals, "why Atkins?"

“Kim knows firsthand that low-carb eating delivers the best results for weight loss and that she will still have the energy she needs to keep her busy schedule. It also gives her all the nutrients she needs for her baby since she is still breast feeding.”

Take a peek at this article for more info on what Colette Heimowitz recommends in her private coaching of Kim Kardashian.

Now, follow Kim and my lead and do the same . . . You know a Kardashian's never wrong for trying to improve her lifestyle!

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