Awesome Low-Carb Rice Substitute!


Did you know that there’s a nation-wide cauliflower shortage!


Here’s how I found out: I absolutely LOVE all those creative cauliflower recipes all y’all post on FB, in blogs and other places on line - mashed being my very fave. However, I just don’t have the disposable time or patience to devote to cooking right now.

And it’s not that I’m lazy or anything, but I just don’t like to take the time to make something comparable that I can possibly buy for a reasonable price at the grocery store.

A week or so ago, I went searching for frozen mashed cauliflower at Trader Joe’s. The TJ’s employee directed me to the freezer case saying that they didn’t have frozen mashed, but they did have frozen riced cauliflower – and it was one of their most popular items – so much so, they can’t keep it in stock. As fast as it comes in – it goes . . .

That’s all I had to hear – I scooped up the last four bags in that freezer case and happily rushed to the cashier smiling like I just robbed a bank.

Here’s what I discovered about riced Cauliflower that’s made me crazy for it: When microwaved for a few minutes and tossed with a bit of Irish butter – it tastes exactly like rice.

OMG, just the thought makes my mouth water.

Who knew!

Need I say that this is my fave new way to eat cauliflower because it has so many unbelievable, yummy uses for your low carb healthy eating lifestyle plan . . . and it’s over-the-top addictive when eaten with Chinese food. I especially love it with mixed with an Atkins frozen Mac & Cheese low carb entrée or anywhere else you’d use higher-carb rice. When you’re chronically obese or have a hard time losing weight - even brown rice over stimulates your pancreas to push out extra insulin, which makes you gain or retain weight.

You wear everything you eat. Trust me on this.

Watch the following short videos, for a few ideas where you can use riced cauliflower as an awesome rice substitute. Your tastebuds and S.O. won’t even be able to tell the difference.

You’re welcome.

# # #

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