How I've Kept 130 Pounds Off for 13 Years.

Before, During, After

Before, During, After

Stephen King calls it Voo-Doo dancing and that’s exactly what it is: All manner of crap we let crop up that needs doing at the absolute split second before we begin working on what we’re really supposed to be working on . . . Procrastination. We each have our own litany.

One thing I’ve been struggling with over the past several months is my physical condition. I will get into things more in-depth as we go along, but right now, given the happenings over the last few days, I want to dig right in to diet.

Once you lose a tremendous amount of weight like I have, it’s easy to let things to go your head. Traditionally, most of us get a bit lax and if we don’t monitor our weight on a daily basis, it’s VERY easy to let things slip right back out of hand.

Such a thing has happened to me, and several of my Besties. Herein is what I know for sure:

I’m very proud to say that I’ve managed to keep 130 of my 150 lost pounds off into my 13th year now. This is monumental for me, a chronically obese woman. And I don’t say this lightly. I consider myself to be in remission or recovery, and it takes daily vigilance to maintain . . .

Around the holidays one of my fave guy Besties criticized me for putting on “a good 30 pounds,” which totally pissed me off cos in my heart and on my scale I knew it to be almost 20. Add in the fact that in June I stopped wearing Spanx under everything but my pajamas compounded the look of my weight slip up.


Well, said Bestie PM’d me the other morning confessing that his weight is up, too! 22 pounds, to be exact. He’s kept 100 of his 120-pound weight loss off for a year, though, so he’s sort of a “Weight Loss Newbie.” Now, he and I both have to go back on our own version of a low carb diet.

Meanwhile, a funny thing happened to me last Saturday at Midway’s baggage claim area.

I kept hearing a voice that sounded exactly like a good friend of mine, but every time I looked in her direction, it wasn’t my friend, but a different woman talking. This happened so frequently in the span of about 10 minutes that I finally looked at the woman and told her why I kept staring at her every time she spoke.

We all had a good laugh, and strange thing, the two gals live about 20 minutes from each other . . .

Anyway, one thing led to another and the woman very proudly said, “I just lost about 30 pounds in three months preparing for the cruise we were just on!”

As I gasped in anticipation of hearing what her diet method was . . . she added, “On Atkins!”

I told her that I lost 150 pounds on Atkins and was keeping 130 of it off into my 13 year. I also fessed up that I was currently in a personal struggle getting back on the weight loss and wellness wagon . . .

She looked at me, pointing a finger in my direction and said, “YOU know what to do – 20 a Day!

And she was absolutely right. I knew all along that I had to give up on the 35-plus carbs a day I was eating to maintain, thereby slipping up as I wasn’t as strict as I should be in my daily carb calculations in order to lose.

This stranger, this chick at baggage claim, was my “Atkins Angel” reminding me what I knew all along . . . 20 carbs a day if I want to lose. Period. End of story.

She also said that she’d stray over the line a time or two, but for the most part, she counted those carbs with a raptor’s eye.

I can well relate.

Then, I came across this quote as a motivational reminder:

“Start where you are.

Use what you have.

Do what you can.”

-Arthur Ashe

To be continued . . .

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