Greyhound Racing IS Headed For The Finish Line

Greyhound Racing May Be IS Headed For The Finish Line

There are 19 dog tracks left open in the United States and 12 of them are in Florida. (Numbers vary according to several media resources.)
The Greyhounds live in small cages for about 22 hours a day . . . this is NOT humane. Period. The Greyhound Lobby insists the dogs are well cared for. I'd love to see these men put in cages barely large enough for them to stand or turn around in - for 22 hours a day and see how many days they could take it. This treatment is the norm for a Greyhound's life . . .
Greyhound Racing is inhumane and there is NO WAY to “modernize” it.
Screenshot 2016-02-12 18.01.38                               Screenshot 2016-02-12 18.01.20
If you have the pleasure and honor to have a Greyhound or Greyhounds in your family or know any up close and personal - trust me on this - you know exactly what I'm talking about.
These amazing creatures make awesome pets - they're said to be 45 MPH couch potatoes - and will give you total unconditional love for life.
Adopt a Greyhound - cos pretty soon, there's going to be a whole lot more available for adoption when these race tracks finally close.
Wanna blow your hard-earned money? Go to the casino. They're just waiting to suck your dough right out of your pocket . . .
Read the rest of the story here then lobby legislators to ban this inhumane practice once and for all.


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