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How Dare Rahm Lay Blame for Chicago's Public School Mess on Rauner

How dare Rahm Lay blame on Gov. Rauner for the financial mess the Chicago public school system’s in when in reality the underlying cause of Illinois’ financial problems are due to former Gov. Quinn, His Holiness Mike Madigan & their other yes-man, Cullerton. I would’ve said, sycophant, but I’m trying to be kind. Madigan &... Read more »

Eat Low Carb Cookies Without Derailing Your Low Carb Diet

“Once an addict, always an addict,” I say. No matter how hard I try to keep my white starch and sugar carb habit kicked, somehow that dang Sugar Demon creeps into my head every once in a while – and, well, I just have to have something sweet but low carb to satisfy that urge. In... Read more »

Greyhound Racing IS Headed For The Finish Line

Greyhound Racing May Be IS Headed For The Finish Line There are 19 dog tracks left open in the United States and 12 of them are in Florida. (Numbers vary according to several media resources.) The Greyhounds live in small cages for about 22 hours a day . . . this is NOT humane. Period. The... Read more »

Start Your Weight Loss, Health & Fitness Plan Right Where You Are!

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” -Arthur Ashe Well, as I said, let’s start exactly where we are – and work with what we have – and that means using what we know works for sure. . . My best advice – to my special Guy Bestie (from my... Read more »

How I've Kept 130 Pounds Off for 13 Years.

Stephen King calls it Voo-Doo dancing and that’s exactly what it is: All manner of crap we let crop up that needs doing at the absolute split second before we begin working on what we’re really supposed to be working on . . . Procrastination. We each have our own litany. One thing I’ve been struggling... Read more »
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