About Me!

Well hello there!

I recently was assisting another Chicago Now blogger set up their about me page and it made me want to come back.  You see, I recently learned from online dating, yes it's true, it can teach you things, that it's better to write for you and not for anyone else.

I realized that I often try to portray myself to be who the reader will like.  What I'm come to realize? People, guys on dating sites, readers on my blog (most of them), and people in general, like me better when I'm being me than being the me I think that you will like.  Confusing? Yes- but guess what!? I'm a confusing person from time to time.

So who am I? I'm Katie.  I hate eating meat off the bone because I am empathetic towards poor animals in meat factories.  Hell- I rarely eat meat at all and envy vegans for their will power.  I want to be you.

I enjoy nerdy activities like knitting, coloring in adult coloring books (as in for adult, not naked people... come on now.), playing the same board games I was playing when I was 10 years old, and being a homebody.  Don't get me wrong- I love going out on the town, too.  It's just that I'm more likely to get into trouble... you know the sort where you ruin your sister's shirt with a random cup of Hawaiian punch that was sitting on the sidewalk or where you ruin your best friends shirt with a shot of Katiemeister- eh I mean, Jagermeister.  Basically, don't wear nice shirts around me when I'm drinking. Truth is I enjoy life most from my couch, sitting by my overly annoying cats, eating guacamole and watching documentaries on Netflix.

I'm single. I'm a grad student who is almost done and regrets ever attending college.  I'm very hard to put into a category and I recently learned it's okay to be your own person. I'm a traveler which is my favorite thing about myself. I used to love to read but rarely do now.  I work to live but I don't live to work (sorry work- I do love you though!).

I envy the way European countries live and will probably vote for a president that takes us that way even if it means higher taxes. I love to sing but will pass out if you try to put me on stage. I make my own lip balms, foot soaks and other natural goodies and sell them in an Etsy shop called Kate's Lavender Shoppe. I love planning parties and wish I could make a living out of it. In fact, I like working parties more than I like attending them. Social stuff doesn't come easy to me. I hate sleep.

I support student loan reform, gay rights (I still won't spend money in Indiana due to their Shenanigan's), an end to fracking and food reform. I help raise money Leukemia and Blood Cancers and Alzheimer's.

You won't just find articles from me on here, but also from some of my  valued friends who have tons to share when it comes to dating, traveling and life!

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Happy reading! Love,