Chicago Blogger Dies after Laughing Too Hard Watching Ellen (But not really)

Don’t worry, I’m alive.  But I did die laughing multiple times this week.  Ellen is hysterical! Have you watched her show recently? No? You should.

Why, you ask? Short answer, because I’m right. If you need more than that, however, keep on reading.

  1. Ellen is the opposite of the hate the world has been experiencing lately. Seriously. She just has this ability to make any race, any gender, any sexual orientation, any ability level, anybody, feel loved, special, and included.
  1. Ellen focuses on us everyday people, not just the celebs of the world. She makes a point of finding the regular faces of America who are doing incredible things.  Just take the two brothers who got into Harvard and Stanford this year.  She decked out their whole dorm rooms! And it isn’t just awesome that she throws gifts or money at people, she shares stories that might be all too familiar with many Americans.  In this case, she showed how 16 and 18-year-old men can persevere despite their situation growing up; in poverty and in a single parent household. Albeit, they appear to have a kick ass momma.
  1. Ellen is not afraid to make fun of herself, and her guests. But don’t worry, it’s in a fun-loving manner. It is Ellen after all!
  1. Ellen is comfortable with who she is and it catches on. She wears what she likes, does her hair how she likes, etc. She doesn’t dress to meet the unreasonable standards of today’s women.  I hate heels, makeup, and dresses.  Because of role models out there like Ellen, it personally makes me feel like it’s okay for me to plain jane it up as much as I want. It’s not just how she dresses, but her personality, her dance moves, everything.  She’s just pure genuine Ellen and it’s honestly inspired me to be just pure Kate.
  1. She scares people! I don’t know why I love this so much. Maybe because scaring each other as children was a favorite pastime of my siblings and me. And hell, I don’t know why I say pastime, my brother still scares me to this day!
  1. And most important she’s just plain stinking funny.   I am gone every day from 7:30 to 7:30 so I can’t watch Ellen when she’s on in Chicago, but I record every episode. I catch up as I have time.  I even augh out loud which I don’t typically do during movies and tv.  It’s outside my normal personality, weird I know, but true. With Ellen’s show, I literally cannot help it.  A week ago Friday she did this segment on books, and boy, I belly laughed so hard, I think I pulled multiple muscles.

I do have a few warnings if you are new to her show.

  1. Don’t try her games at home. It can be dangerous.
  1. Don’t eat lucky charms (oops), or anything during one of her monologues, games, interviews, or simply ever while watching the show. You will end up with a mess.
  1. Warn your friends. You will most likely be talking obsessively about her wanting to share the joy.  Your friends might not get it until they start watching as well.

Go set your DVR’s and give her a chance if you haven’t before.  You’ll thank me later. That is if I haven't died laughing again.

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