Melissa & Doug Scratch Art: The Better Adult Coloring Option

I. Am. Addicted.

It all started the week of valentines day when I noticed colorful valentines on everyone's desk.  I must say I was a bit jealous.

A few days later I visited a friend at her desk and noticed this container of black post it note sized paper on her desk.  I had found the source of the awesome valentines. What were they? Scratch Art Notes by Melissa and Doug.

Before I go further, no I don't work for them. No they aren't paying me.  No, I am not profiting in any way shape or form from this. Thank you very much.

After discovering these magic pieces of paper, I found myself needing to complete one daily. To me, it's the new adult coloring book option but better because you have less decisions to make that stress you out!

As soon as my stress levels start to rise, I grab a note card and doodle.  It can be a quote, a lighthouse, or maybe a note to a friend.  Something about creating something instantly melts stress away!

So what do I do? I order a bunch.  Like a ton.  And the first night I had my own pack, I created 15 within a couple hours.  They aren't anything too special.  They aren't going to make me money and I'm no artist, but what they do for my mood is magical.

Do you want to give it a try?  You can find them on Amazon or straight from Melissa and Doug.

I'm warning you though- you may end up stress free if you order these!

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