Dear Mom, Please take the trip to Germany

Dear Mom, Please take the trip to Germany


I know you and bonus pops (what I call my step dad) want to go to Germany. You talk about it and you want to go.

Here’s why you should go summed up as simply as possible: If not now, when?

You know that I’m big on travel and lucky for you, I’ve been to Germany so I can be there for you every step of the way. Hell, I’ll just go with you and literately be with you and your husband every step of the way if you would like.

Get a pretzel. Try some sausage. I know beer isn’t your favorite but try one of those too. Tour a castle. Take a boat trip on the Rhine. Shop in the streets. Walk on the cobblestone.

Take yourself out of your comfort zone. Get lost. Wander. Dream. It’s an experience you can’t get around “home.”

That’s all for now,


Your Galway Girl

2.After you return to downtown Munich I highly suggest working out your timing so you can catch the Glockenspiel in action. Everyone will ask you about it when you get back. It seems to be that one attraction that everyone knows about in Munich. Not only can you check out the Glockenspiel, but you can also take an elevator to the tower above the Glockenspiel for views of the city. I highly recommend this! Photo Credits: Katie Moler (2014)

Photo Credits: Katie Moler (2014)

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