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Not a Mom – Life didn’t go as planned

Not a Mom – Life didn’t go as planned When I was young, well younger because thirty is still a spring chicken, I had a lot of career aspirations.  First it was to own a daycare, then to teach, to be a nurse, a phlebotomist (don’t worry- I know that’s a strange ambition as a... Read more »

The us vs. them mentality won't get us anywhere

Ready set rant. I love that my family supports me in my beliefs and my endeavors to learn. I think through the last week that has become evident. We don’t all agree. We don’t all believe the same things, but for the most part I love and support those I’m lucky to call family. I... Read more »

Why I Voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump

Some people say political views should be kept private. And to be honest, I used to be one of those people. But this year the election has made me verbal. It has made me stand up and admit what I believe. It started with Bernie Sanders. He wasn’t the first person to ever get me... Read more »