Escalators: Stand on the Right, Walk on the Left

One of the things that stuck out to me about Europe (and Washington D.C.) is the etiquette on an escalator.  I know this seems petty to you but it’s polite! I promise.

escalator-215798_960_720Often escalators in other countries have signs instructing how to use them, or there will be a line down the middle.  Why? Well let me tell you.

If everyone who stands on the escalators stays to the right, walkers can go around them on the left.  Think similar to traffic on the highway.  Granted this is Chicago and every lane is a slow lane.  BUT if you aren’t in the city, then typically slower traffic stays right, faster traffic can pass on the left.

It’s similar on an escalator.  Not everyone is shopping leisurely.  Not everyone is okay with catching the next train.  Some people are in a hurry.  Should they be? Well that’s not your business. 

When I was in Europe I often got lost (part of traveling) and would be in a hurry to catch my train or bus or get to my hostel on time.  Being able to run up the left side of the escalator was super helpful!

Yes, staying to the right may mean you can’t stand side by side with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but guess what the PDA is a whole other issue.

There are some other situations like having a small child or having a ton of luggage or shopping bags.  You can’t help that. Otherwise, try to stay over if you are standing.

Remember staying to the right is polite.

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