My College Roommate and I Didn’t Get Along… For Very Stupid Reasons

It’s been eleven years since I moved out of my freshman dorm. That is eleven years since I said goodbye to resident life and really never looked back. I had some good memories there but had a hard time getting used to sharing a 10 by 12 room with a complete stranger.

It started off nice enough. We talked and went on a walk or two. We both liked Disney. Well she really liked Disney. But things changed quickly. I don’t remember when they changed but they did.

I don’t remember who started our little feud but it wasn’t pretty. We were both a bit passive aggressive. We never fought face to face. Just an eye roll here and there.

We had spoken before moving in. We decided she would bring the mini fridge and I would bring the TV. I got a package of 10 Portillo’s hot dogs and all the trimmings to go with it. I came home one day and our fridge was gone. After poking around to find it, it turned out she lofted her bed, put the dresser under her bed and hid the fridge behind the dresser.

I was slightly livid. I’m sure I somehow provoked this act though I don’t remember how now. Or maybe she was just mad because I packed it full of hot dog items. I crawled under the bed and behind the dresser to get my hot dog items and they weren’t in there.

What the hell? I checked the large Styrofoam box they came in under my bed and there they were. I’m not sure how long they were in there or if the vegetables and meat were even good anymore. I tossed them because I am a germaphobe.

My response? I lofted my bed. Put an air mattress under the bed and put my TV under the bed. I hung a sheet across the front so she couldn’t use the TV.

I don’t remember how or if the feud ended before we moved out. I do know when we had people in town we would return it to normal. At least we agreed on that.

Besides those two things, it was just the typical roommate stuff. I don’t think she liked when I had people over and I didn’t like her nightly hour long calls to her boyfriend.

She was a good person. She loved Disney. So much so that it was a large portion of her life. I believe she eventually worked for Disney. She loved animals and was a good friend to her friends back home and those who befriended her in college. Just not me.

It’s hard to get along when you go from having your own room back home in a house with people you know to living in 120 square feet with someone you’ve never met. Some people handle it gracefully. Some not so much.

I wish I did. I could have created a lifelong relationship with a good person. I could have had another friend in my arsenal. I don’t know why I reacted so childish. I wish I didn’t. Now more than ever.

I found out today that she passed away. I’m not sure how as we didn’t stay in touch. Possibly cancer as our suitemate told me she was diagnosed a few months ago.

I never got a chance to put it behind us. I never got a chance to say I’m sorry. I guess I am going to take a few lessons from this. First, college is short. Roommates can be even shorter. Just live out your 4-8 months the best you can and try to get along. Second, life is short. Use it to the best of your ability. Be nice to people. Accomplish your goals and live your dreams.

RIP college roommate. I’m sorry we weren’t friends.

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