Why do people in relationships wish single people Happy Valentine’s day?

Why do people in relationships wish single people Happy Valentine’s day?

It’s a simple critical thinking logic problem thing to me.

  1. Valentine’s day is for couples to celebrate their relationship (and hallmark to make some mula).
  2. Single People are not in a relationship
  3. Valentine’s Day is not for single people.

If the above is true, then why do people in relationship’s think that it’s okay to wish me a Happy Valentine’s day? What is happy about this day?  I mean, I’m happy alone 99% of the time so I’m not all woe is me but yes, today does suck.

You know how I celebrated the holiday?  Watching someone else’s kids so they could celebrate yesterday and today I rearranged my bedroom, did homework and changed the litter in the cat box.

It’s not that I’m not grateful that people think of me.  I mean thanks guys for messaging me first thing in the morning that it’s Happy Cat Lady Day. It really put a large smile on my face?

It’s not like the 4th of July or New Years.  It’s not something everyone celebrates regardless. It’s a holiday for people in relationships.

There is no need to mention the holiday to a single person honestly.  I mean, I don’t text you happy Valentine’s Day and you are celebrating the holiday because the day is for you and your person.  I’m not your person.

Again, thanks for the thought but next year keep it to yourself.

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