A trip down memory lane -- 100 blogs of Chicago, travel, single life, admissions, family and more

A trip down memory lane -- 100 blogs of Chicago, travel, single life, admissions, family and more

One Hundred Blogs. I honestly and slightly shocked that I’m at this point with Coming to Terms.  This post, the one you are reading right this second, is Coming to Terms 100th blog.  That’s right 100.

Over 2 years ago, I wrote a letter to the editor at the Chicago Tribune.  Two guys from my high school died while riding a motorcycle in my hometown.  I didn’t particularly know either of them well but it hit me hard so I wrote.  What else was I supposed to do?

A little later, I got pissed off.  Student loans had me overwhelmed.  I hate student loans.  So I wrote another letter to the editor of the Chicago Tribune.  Too long.  Bummer.  But then they told me to apply for ChicagoNow.  A blog?  I don’t want to blog.  But a few months later, I applied anyway.

Because I usually quit things, my brother expected this not to last.  Hell, I didn’t believe it would last.  Here we are, though, at blog ONE HUNDRED.  Pretty damn amazing right?

So I wanted to use #100 to celebrate and recap the top or favorite of 100 blogs past.

It all started with one.  It was winter and yet again, I found myself pissed off at all the people who use dibs on the streets of Chicago.  Something we are again about to be dealing with… Ready?

Blog two was the first in many Blogapalooz nights I have participated in.  Blogapalooz is an event all of the ChicagoNow bloggers take part in monthly.  My first one?  A lesson in learning to make fun of myself while discussing the intrepid doom that comes about when a centipede makes itself known in my humble abode.  Future Blogapalooz posts would include such vast topics as visiting Dachau, a WWII Concentration Camp, a letter quitting Pepsi (ya that worked…) and an honest, yet terrifying confession regarding my religion.

Admitting I’m not religious is not the only admission I’ve made on Coming to Terms.  I’ve admitted I’m a child in an adults bodyI regret going to college, I support physician assisted suicide,  and that I’m bad at the dating game.

Speaking of dating. Honestly, not my favorite topic. I. Hate. Dating. I really do! I just want a guy to know he wants to be with me and propose that day so I can skip the whole damn thing.  Big wishes huh? In the meantime, I play the dating game. In addition to admitting I’m bad at this game, I’ve written about Tinder here and here and here, and wrote this post about dating and age because of a crush on this older guy.  Nothing ever happened between us but he inspired my longest running successful blog.

I’m not the only one writing about dating on Coming to Terms.  Over the last month or two, I’ve started inviting guest bloggers to share their stories.  There’s the popular, and recent, Best Worst Date. Ever. As well as more serious posts like why is there not a Starbucks in Avondale? One of Coming to Term’s guest posts about Alzheimer’s even sparked a separate ChicagoNow blog, Alz in the Family.

Oh Family. It hasn’t always been happy smiles from family members.  I write for a specific crowd typically. You know other single 20 something women.  So on occasion it would appear that I would offend one or two not so single people.  This happened when I complained fearlessly about the topics I overheard at my Goddaughter’s two year old birthday party.  I really am sorry! Just also tired of being the Single One.

Other family related articles we’re a little less controversial.  Like the one where I wrote about the one year anniversary of having a step family, writing about my childhood home, or even an interview with my amazing cousin who was fighting non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Cancer is the only cause I’ve covered.  There was also my support of Bernie Sanders and my plea to be more mindful when it comes to Halloween costumes. Yes, I was being serious Mr. Blog Troll.

I’ve also covered many Chicago related topics, as have my guest bloggers.  From art center reviews to the opening of the first Chicago Olive Garden, from Billy Joel at Wrigley to a little tapas restaurant known as Café Ba Ba Reeba. Chicago is my home and is often celebrated on Coming to Terms.

My favorite topic though? Travel.  If I had the means that is what I would do for a living.  Hell, I even pitched Rick Steve’s for a job on this blog!  I’ve been lucky enough to visit, and write about Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Italy,  and Ireland.

I hope to keep traveling and keep writing as I “come to terms” with the world around me. I had to do it!  I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me.  See you again for our 200th blog! 

To those of you who have joined this journey with me over the last 100 blogs, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. If you are new and want to hear more? Subscribe!  Type your email address in the box and click the "create subscription" button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

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