Caution: Buying AS-IS furniture pieces from Ikea is not as awesome as it seems

Caution: Buying AS-IS furniture pieces from Ikea is not as awesome as it seems

I. LOVE. IKEA.  I love opening drawers. I love looking at the organization items. I love looking at the beds. I love sitting in the chairs. You get the point.

So of course, when I upgraded from a full size bed to a queen size been I figured- why not Ikea? I won’t get a mattress there as I am an old school innerspring mattress kind of woman.  That memory foam newfangled crap is hot and uncomfortable.

So I get the mattress and sleep on the floor until I have the car and the time to pick up an Ikea bed. I slept on the floor for a week or two when a cricket, yes a cricket, jumped in the bed with me; enough of the mattress on floor.

It was time. I headed to Ikea to buy a bed.

My friend and I went to Ikea and checked out all the beds. So I finally picked a bed, which took a while as I wanted the black bed, but have white furniture.  Quite the conundrum I assure you.

So we head down to pick up the bed.  First of course, we check out the AS-IS section because, well I’m not sure; Americans love to garbage pick and deal hunt?  I never find anything worth buying so really it’s a waste of time.

That is UNLESS you find a beautiful piece among the draw-less nightstands, sink-less vanities and shelf-less shelving unites.

This was it though.  This was the time I found the buried treasure.  There it was, my queen size bed built in full sitting in the middle of the AS-IS section. My friend stands in the middle to save the bed from getting stolen while I go to find out what the hell I am supposed to do with this huge piece of furniture.

Can I pay for it first? No.

Can I take it apart first? No.

Can I put a hold on it while I get a car? No.

So what do we have to do?  Load up a queen sized bed frame on two flat beds. Then awkwardly push the bed through Ikea to the checkout lane.  Yes- Ikea expects you to push an entire, fully built, queen size bed, through the store, through a checkout lane. Truth.

Of course the headboard is 5 feet and about 5 inches due to the flat bed. I’m 5 feet tall. I can’t see to push it so as I’m pushing it up the checkout lane I’m praying I don’t run over a kid or something.  I would eventually knock a guy in the head with a bed slat box but oh well for him. You’re grown, protect yourself.

We check out, a few people noticing the 65% off sticker and giving us props. We check out. Now what?

Can they deliver it as is? No.

Can they hold it as is until we get a truck? No.

Will someone take it apart for us? No.

So we push the bed over to delivery. Rent tools and in the middle of Ikea, disassemble a queen size been with minimal tools, no instructions, and dozens of onlookers.

Thirty minutes later we load up the flat beds again, take the bed to delivery and head home exhausted.

Think twice.  If the deal is worth it- Do it.  In my case it was worth it. 65% off a $260 dollar bed was kick ass.

Bed HomeOh yea- don't forget, you will soon get pieces of a bed delivered to your house, hopefully in tack.  Most likely with hard to remove stickers.  And now? Now you get to build the bed all over again. Without instructions. Without an ikea tool kit.

Good Luck!

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