Being 28: The Best Year of My Life

Being 28: The Best Year of My Life

I’m 28. Just a short 18 months away from 30. I don’t have children. I don’t have a husband. Hell, I don’t even have a boyfriend. This is the time to panic right? This means my life is for nothing and I’m wasting away, right? WRONG. This was the best year yet.

I turned 28 just a short 6 months ago. In the past 6 months, I have grown by leaps and bounds. Yes, I’ve gotten down here or there that life isn’t where I thought I would be. By the time my mom was my age she had just had her 3rd child. Her and my dad had purchased their first home in the beautiful town of Park Forest.

But for me? I’m not that accomplished.

During my 28th year, I will hit 4 years at a company I absolutely love working for, doing something I enjoy, surrounded by people I like working with. I don’t wake up in the morning and absolutely dread going to work. But I don’t have children or a husband so that’s not an accomplishment.

While I was (and still am!) 28, I got up on stage at an open mic and sang for the first time. It’s only been a lifelong dream of mine. Yes, I sucked. I’m surprised people weren’t running for the doors. I made a huge stride towards overcoming my stage fright. I can’t compare this to my peers, however, so it’s not an accomplishment.

This year, I will not only start a kickball league and help manage it, but I will make it to first base a few times. I’m not athletic. I’ve never enjoyed sports but now I am. Who knows, by the end of the season I may even get a run (not a point… it’s not basketball- little did I know!) But big whoop. Who cares.

My first car was paid off after I turned 28. A car I bought on my own, with my money and paid off with my money. My first big purchase is 100% owned by me. Yes, it has about 200 signs of rust, dings, wear, and tear, from being parked on Chicago streets night after night, but it is all mine. And I’m car payment free. But really, not a big deal.

I've only traveled out of the country twice. Once with my mom 2 years ago and once while I was 28 on a 5 country trip, partly alone, partly with my best friend. We just met up at the Duomo in Milan, Italy like we were meeting for Starbucks. But hey- that’s not an accomplishment!

I did more than just going out of the country this year. I traveled to Slovenia where my ancestors are from which was my number 1 goal in life. I was in Ljubljana. I met relatives who had a picture of me in their house. I went white water mini rafting. Little old me who's almost 30 and never had a sporty bone in her body went white water mini rafting. Sure I forgot to listen to the rules and almost got eaten by a class 4 rapid (see picture above) but I did it. But again- accomplishing your #1 goal isn’t that important.

To top off my goals, world travels, financial and work accomplishments this year, I realized something. I realized that I am doing just what I am supposed to. I am living my life day in and day out for me for the first time ever. More importantly, I realized that I’m fine. I don’t need a guy or children to validate my life. In fact, I may never need either to feel whole. I have so many miracles and blessings in my life every day. I’m okay with being 28 and single. I’m okay not being sure if I’ll ever have kids.

I’m okay knowing that I can stand on my own two feet… well unless there’s a centipede. If that’s the case my brother or dad are getting a call and better be here stat!

I’m okay and I don’t have to justify it to anyone. More importantly, I don't need to justify it to myself.

Can’t wait to see what 29 and even the big 3-0 has in store for me!

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