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I Keep My Phone on Silent, But I Still Love You

Remember back in the day when we didn’t have cell phones? I got my first cell phone at 17 so I still had some years where life was a little less annoying if you will. I mean back then I was just a kid, but I remember being able to tell my mom I was... Read more »

Single Girl Problems: I’m bad at “The Dating Game”

Once in a while, I vent to my girlfriends about being single. At 28, pretty much all your friends have left you behind for married life and parenthood. I’m sure they get tired of my complaining about it, but they get me back with the husband venting. It’s a nice balance! Lately I’ve been hearing... Read more »

Tinder: Not Just for Hookups?

I won’t lie. I did not want to write about Tinder again but I seem to have some sort of fascination with the app. I wrote on the subject twice before (see here and here) and they were some of my best received blogs. In fear of becoming “the Tinder girl” I haven’t written about... Read more »

Being 28: The Best Year of My Life

Being 28: The Best Year of My Life
I’m 28. Just a short 18 months away from 30. I don’t have children. I don’t have a husband. Hell, I don’t even have a boyfriend. This is the time to panic right? This means my life is for nothing and I’m wasting away right? WRONG. I turned 28 just a short 6 months ago.... Read more »

I Quit Religion but Wish I Still Believed

I’m just going to come out and say it because I don’t know how else to do this. Grandpa, Mom and besties, please don’t be disappointed! I am no longer religious but I wish I still was a church going, believing Lutheran gal. Fourteen years ago, about half my lifetime ago, I stopped attending church... Read more »