Ireland: Mystery, Magic and Wonder

About two or three months ago, I started frequenting a new bar that does Karaoke and Open Mic night to conquer my fears of stage fright.  Just so happened that the bar, Harrigan’s on Halsted, is an Irish bar.

Those of you that know me know that I went to Ireland two years ago and fell in love.  No, not with a cute Irish guy, but with the country and all it offers.  My favorite night was actually in a pub in Waterford.  My mom and I sat as real Irish music was being performed in a pub covered in American dollar bills.  The bartenders were friendly.  I found a new favorite beer called Smithwicks.

Being back in an Irish bar, such as Harrigan’s that actually has the feel of a true Irish pub, brought me back to Ireland. Now I feel inspired by Harrigan's to share pictures of places that I experienced. Sadly, like the pictures of the Aran Islands that I have shared in the past, the true essence is not fully captured. After all, I'm just an amateur photographer at best. I urge you to take the trip to feel the mystery, magic and wonder yourself.

Have questions about a future trip? Drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do to help you!

All pictures were taken by me, myself, and I in May 2012.

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