7 Conversations Single People Dread at Children’s Birthday Parties

This weekend I was excited to celebrate my Goddaughter’s 2nd birthday. Let me preface this blog entry by saying I was happy to be there to celebrate with my family, however, being a single and childless person at a kid’s birthday party can be challenging.

Often with kid’s birthday parties come other kids with other parents. These other parents all engage in conversations that us single people often cannot relate to and sometimes even dread overhearing.

  1. Conversations about renovations and lawn care. This sounds so simple and has nothing to do with kids but it’s everywhere! I share a 900 square foot rented apartment with no balcony and no yard. I have to get permission to paint a wall so hearing everyone’s renovation stories and updated appliances blows. It doesn’t help that it sounds like everyone is complaining about yard work and such. I dream of having a lawn to mow or even buying a new washer or dryer.
  2. Pregnancy and birth stories. I get excited to talk to my friends one and one about what they are going through during their pregnancies. It can be fun to live vicariously through them. However, when you are at a kid’s party, there are new moms everywhere. When every room or conversation you walk into has an epidural, my ankles were so swollen or craving story, it can be overwhelming at best.
  3. The next kid. I’m not sure why this one irks me so much. When moms and dads who have a kid or two are talking about the next kid and wanted a boy or girl, it’s irritating! It’s like I just want one kid eventually and you’re complaining that you want a boy next.
  4. Complaining about the hubby or wife. I get you need to complain because being with someone day in and day out gets annoying BUT us single people haven’t had that shot yet. While you may think complaining about your man or women would make us feel better, it doesn’t. Up to you but I would save it for your one and one conversations, not parties.
  5. Potty training and diapers. There’s only so much potty talk us single people can handle. It’s great your kid pooped on the toilet for the first time, and I’m so excited that you’re happy, but there's only so much I need to hear about.
  6. How smart/great your child is. I’m sure every kid is super smart to their parent and a lot of kids are smart. I, for one, think my Goddaughter is uber smart, BUT I can only hear about so many smart children in the time of a two hour party.
  7. Questions. This one takes the cake. Being a single person at a kid’s party means questions. When are you going to settle down? Are you dating anyone? Do you want kids? ARGH! Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. I have a friend who has always said she is not likely to take a husband and she gets these questions! And for those of us who do want more, it’s bad enough we aren’t in a position for it yet but others have to keep bringing it up.

All in all, the grass is always greener on the other side. Maybe parents dread our conversations regarding late nights out and dates. Whatever the case, kids birthday parties can be a long, somewhat upsetting, day for single people. It’s no wonder when one friend gets married and pops out a kid, many friends follow suit. It can be lonely on the other side.

*Additional information after the fact: This blog was written to the other single childless women out there who may relate. It was not targeted to hurt anyones feelings.  I think parenthood is a miracle and I applaud the parents out there who do such a wonderful job. I hope one day I can do the same.  I don't ask that you change what you talk about at parties, keep on keeping on. I just won't promise you that I'll enjoy the conversations.  BUT the point of the party isn't for me to have a great time- It's for the little boy or girl to have a day they'll remember forever. The party I went to this past weekend was a great success.  My little Goddaughter had a great time, got lots of loot and the birthday girl's mom made a perfect host. What more can anyone ask for?

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