That’s Steven F’n Tyler! : Aerosmith at the World ( Tinley Park's First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre )

That’s Steven F’n Tyler! : Aerosmith at the World ( Tinley Park's First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre )

That’s Steven F’n Tyler and that’s Joe F’n Perry were pretty much the lines of the night. Traffic was bad on the way. A few accidents and a burning semi followed by a gas spill (I hope everyone is okay) delayed our arrival at the World. Yes- It’s still The World to me. I don’t like change. There’s the Sears Tower, Comiskey, and The World.

I arrived at about 7:15. I paid for $30 parking online. I apparently did not know that you get free parking at the theatre with tickets. Oh well. I headed straight for a beer stand that had anything other than bud light. As my new favorite bartender would say, I’m a hipster when it comes to my beers. Sadly the stand I stopped at had Bud light and Founders and the Founders IPA was “too foamy.” Bud, it was. At $10 a cup, I’m not sure it was worth it!

We headed to the lawn to meet up with some friends. Thanks to the previously mentioned bad traffic, the lawn was pretty packed already. We ended up sitting about 3/4ths of the way up to the side of the stage.

Slash opened with Myles Kennedy on lead vocals. It was good but I have never been much of a Slash/Guns N’ Roses fan so like everyone in the stadium I only got excited about two songs: Sweet Child O’Mine and Paradise City.

A long 45-minute or so break followed. We used the time to refill our cups and use the restroom. To the women in front of me: No it is NOT okay to not wash your hands to keep the line moving. Wash your damn hands! To the ladies teasing their hair and reapplying your makeup, it’s 9 pm and super dark, NO ONE can see your face. Just get out.

We got to our seats with only a few minutes to spare. Aerosmith came on at about 9:10 opening with Back in the Saddle Again. Perfect intro to a perfect night. From there it just got better and better. There were some songs I wasn’t too familiar with like Big Ten Inch Record (A Bull Moose Jackson cover) and No More No More. Even though I didn’t know every lyric, I couldn’t stop dancing. Downloading those now by the way!

Towards the end, they played I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. I’m pretty sure everyone knows this song. Aerosmith fans, kids in their 20’s, 40’s, 60’s, movie buffs etc. were all singing along, part of it without vocals from the great Steven Tyler.

They finished the night with Walk this Way and encored with Dream on and Sweet Emotion. Do you know that feeling when you enjoy something so much you don’t even sing along because you have to hear it? That’s me during Dream On. It was insane! One of my favorite songs and I got to see it performed live. Amazing.

The disappointments? There was no Janie’s Got a Gun, Crazy or Jaded. We listened to them on the way home, however, and all was right with the world.

Highlight performances of the night? Back in the Saddle, Rag Doll, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Walk this Way, and of course, their Encore performances, Dream On and Sweet Emotion.

Bottom line: This was a surreal night for me as I grew up listening to Aerosmith. The music was on point. Joe Perry really makes me want to learn guitar so I can play 1/100th as good as him. Steven Tyler still has that voice. If this is how they sound in their 60’s, I wish I could have seen them live in the 70 or 80’s!

The guys still have it going on and oh yea- that was Steven F’n Tyler!

(Side note: Steven the ‘stache has got to go & Joe Perry- You’re hot for an old guy!)

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