Sox Fans Create an Eight Round Wave at Comiskey during Saturday Nights Game against the Astros

Sox Fans Create an Eight Round Wave at Comiskey during Saturday Nights Game against the Astros

Saturday night my wonderful sister invited me to a Sox game at Comiskey (US Cellular field, yea yea…). We had front row tickets in section 101. It is two sections from dead center towards right field.

Don’t let me fool you. I know next to nothing about baseball. I know the basic rules as I help manage a ‘for fun’ softball team at work and I am American but when it comes to stats, players and the behind the scenes? Forget about it. I’m going to leave the game critiquing to my fellow bloggers who know a bit more on the topic. I will say we won 4-3 over the Houston Astros and had one hell of a fireworks show!

Instead, I want to share something that happened that night that I’ve never seen in my history of attending baseball games. I’ve seen the wave. It starts in a somewhat hyper, maybe drunk section of the park starts slow, picks up some momentum and usually dies before it makes it once around the park.

Well on Saturday night, the wave started somewhere around the outfield in the 100 section. I was amazed that it was making it all the way down the first base line, past home plate and down the third base line. I was sure it would die out before reaching us. What happened proved me wrong.

The wave continued past the giant scoreboard and over to us. I had only maybe participated in the wave once before but you know what to do! So with my section I stood up, threw my hands in the air and sat down. It was fun!

The wave kept going, past where it started, past home plate again and back around. I stood up a second time, threw my hands in the air and sat down. Everyone in the section was cheering “White Sox, White Sox.” And what happened, it came around again, and again, and again!

By the time it died down on the third base line (thanks a lot baseball people) we had made it around 8 times! Sure the momentum slowed down once or twice but it never stopped. It was exciting to be a part of and it definitely got the crowd excited. I even found myself laughing hysterically a time or two.

It got me to wonder about what the record is for longest wave. In December 2013, during an Ice Hockey Match in Zagreb, Croatia, 15,000 fans set the record for longest wave after keeping it going for 15 minutes and 3 seconds.

Now I just wished I timed the Sox wave from Saturday night! I did record the 7th and 8th times around and it took about a minute each time around so I’m guesstimating around 8 minutes missing the record by 7 minutes.

Better luck next game Sox Fans!


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