Review from the Rooftops: Billy Joel at Wrigley Field

Review from the Rooftops: Billy Joel at Wrigley Field

I had the pleasure of being invited to a work party on top of one of the Wrigley Rooftops. This was my first time seeing a concert at Wrigley and my first time at one of the rooftops. We sat atop 1032 Waveland. The rooftop was far enough away from the back of the Billy Joel stage that we were able to hear everything great but we could not see the performers. My mom and sister were on the rooftop one over towards the back of the stage. They said the sound was very muffled and it was hard to hear.

I was pleasantly surprised at 8PM when I heard a familiar sound. Gavin DeGraw was opening up for Billy Joel. You may remember from my previous blog that I saw Gavin DeGraw at Fair St. Louis on the 4th of July. He put on a great show, though I can only judge on sound and crowd reaction alone.

Billy Joel came out after Gavin DeGraw completed his set. The show started out slow, but he did not disappoint. I understand a few people who went were a bit bored, and I understand that reaction. He played quite a few songs that were a bit less known.

He tricked a few of the concert goers by playing Elton John’s Tiny Dancer, only to stop and make the crowd realize that he, in fact, is not the one who sings that one. While some of the baby boomer generation in attendance knew this, some of the younger crowd was thrown off a bit.

About an hour into his set, he said good night and the show was “over.” He had already performed Piano Man but he hadn’t sung Uptown Girl or Only the Good Die Young so an encore was expected. He came back with another 3-4 songs.  This was most definitely my favorite part of the night.  They were some of his best known songs and everyone swayed, danced, and sang along.

Driving to a concert from Wrigley is not recommended. It took quite a while to get out after being packed into a lot like sardines. After waiting for owners of the cars in front of us to show up and leave, it took at least another 20 minutes to get out of Wrigleyville. With how easy it is to take public transit to Wrigley, I find it next to pointless to drive unless you are coming from the suburbs.

Although I’m a Comiskey girl at heart, seeing a concert at Wrigley was a great experience! I’m sure the concert part of the night would have been more enjoyable from within the Ivy covered walls; however, the rooftop experience offered its own perks.

If you go with a large enough group, there is more of a party atmosphere on a rooftop. You can walk around, socialize and get a bite to eat without having to crawl over 10 people to get to the aisle. Since we couldn’t see the Billy Joel, we were able to just walk around and enjoy the night without the “fear of missing out.”

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