America's Biggest (and best) Birthday Party: A review of Fair Saint Louis

America's Biggest (and best) Birthday Party: A review of Fair Saint Louis

Fair Saint Louis. If you didn’t go- you should have.  While this sentence pretty much sums up the whole experience, I’m going to give you a bit more.  I’ve mentioned Fair Saint Louis not once, but twice in previous blogs. See here and here. 

I’m a huge fan of “America’s Biggest Birthday Party” and always will if they keep up like they have been in the last few years. (Side note- no matter how much it seems like it, they don’t pay me to push it on you like this. I just LOVE it so much!)

Sadly, my girlfriends and I had to work on Thursday so we weren’t able to get there for Thompson Square that night.  I dropped my sister and her friend off in time to see The Band Perry while my friend and I checked into our hotel that just so happened to have closed a week prior.  Thanks for telling me Comfort Inn.  There will be a blog on this later. I missed the Band Perry, thanks to the hotel catastrophe, but according to my sister, they were excellent.  Maybe even the best act of the weekend.  Thanks for rubbing it in my face by the way!

Friday night was by far the best night.  It was inspirational, thought-provoking, enjoyable, fun, the list goes on but I don’t want to lose readers so I’ll stop.  It was a great line up starting with Mary Lambert, then Gavin DeGraw, Matt Nathanson, Bonnie Raitt and ending with Fireworks.  I missed the fireworks and Bonnie Raitt which I didn’t mind, but my mom and aunt said we missed out. I needed 54th street grill for nostalgic college reasons- Food comes first people.  Food always comes first.

20140704_160134Mylanta.  I don’t know how to sum Mary Lambert up in one small paragraph so what I am going to say here is that she is the most inspiring, most beautiful person I have ever been within 100 feet of in my life. I seriously loved her.  I had to keep taking notes on my phone for future blogs with the inspiration she was sending my way.  And to top it off she has a kick-ass voice and great music. Instead of fitting it here, look for a future blog. 

Then Gavin Degraw came on.  Back in 2003, I spent the summer away from home.  I was 17 and a bit homesick and his music was my rock.  I’ve been a fan since.  He’s got great music, a wonderful voice and a personality of someone you want to be friends with.  I enjoyed his set tremendously.

After Gavin, Matt Nathanson came on.  I won’t lie to you. I knew a whole one song by him before this night.  He even mentioned that it was the only song a lot of people knew.  If you don’t know his music, download it soon.  It’s some great stuff.  And again like Gavin and Mary, he was a great person.  Oh and Matt- Will you marry me? Thanks!


The night was so great that I couldn’t sleep when I got back to our hotel.  My mind would not turn off.  I was thinking about all the ways I could change the world, all the things I could share on my blog, all the ways I could inspire people.  I didn’t want to wake up the girls so I went and sat in my car at 1 AM for an hour and listened to music and sang.  I still couldn’t sleep at 4 AM so I got up, showered and went on a nostalgic trip through SIUE where I went to undergrad.

Saturday night was a completely different experience.  While Friday was enjoyable, fun, and inspiring, Saturday was just one huge party.  I mean I danced my tush off! I don’t dance. Ever. At All.  I feel like a fool but the lineup which included En Vogue, Capital Cities, The Neighbourhood and The Fray (and more grade A fireworks) kept you shaking what your momma gave you from 2 PM until 10:30 at night.  I don’t know how I wasn’t sore when I woke up today!

Capital Cities. Not really my kind of music but they sure did put on a party. The band is talented.  The trumpet player had my attention the entire set. They had the crowd going wild dancing and swinging clothes around their head but I won’t be downloading their music anytime soon.  Just not into that electronic scene. Have a chance to see them in concert free though? Go for the experience.  

After Capital Cities, came The Neighbourhood.  I love this band. I love their songs Afraid and Sweater Weather, but I didn’t know much else.  It’s much darker than I expected but I enjoyed every second.  Of all the artists, this is the act I couldn’t peel my eyes away from.  I even snapped on my sister when she kept drawing my attention away to take pictures.  I don’t typically go for scrawny pale guys with long black hair that are covered in tattoos, but the lead singer had my undivided attention.  There has got to be subliminal messages in their music because all of us girls were thoroughly enjoying his voice and moves!


The Fray.  Oh, Fray how I love thee.  You rock. 

They by far put on the absolute best show of the night.  It was fun to here oldies like Cable Car and How to Save a Life but their new music as well.  They keep it moving flowing from one song to the next without taking a breather.  Unlike the other bands, they didn’t have to ask for crowd participation and attention, they just got it.  It was an unbelievable set and the best band or artist I’ve ever seen live.  Sorry Alanis, I still love you.

In addition to all these great acts, there were amazing fireworks, tasty food, delicious cherry limeades and the best weather I could have asked for, though my extremely burnt left shoulder may disagree.  There were also additional acts that I didn’t catch.  Sorry I missed you!

One other thing to note, we got there early BOTH days and were in what would be equivalent to the 10-15th rows if there were seats.  If you didn’t go this year, it was your loss, but you should definitely go next year.  Does it get better than a huge birthday party with all these stars and fireworks for FREE!? I think not so I’ll see you there!

Let me sum this up once more. Most. Fun. Weekend. Of.  My. Life. So. Far!


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