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Fair St. Louis: The Fray, The Band Perry, Mary Lambert and More for the 4th of July

Where do you go to see The Fray, The Band Perry, Gavin DeGraw, The Neighborhood, Capital Cities and More for FREE!? That would be Fair St. Louis.  They have a great line up this year to celebrate our nation’s independence near the St. Louis Zoo in Forest Park. This is just west of downtown St.... Read more »

Apple Cider Vinegar: Does it help you lose weight and get clearer skin?

\As you may have previously read, I’m into the oil pulling and more natural remedies.  Oil pulling has been pretty great! Try it out.  Now I’m looking for other ways I can improve my health and looks naturally.  During our last blagapalooz-hour, I was reading another bloggers submission and she mentioned washing her face with... Read more »

Avondale gets Chicago's First Olive Garden (Opening September 29th)

There’s something about Olive Garden’s inauthentic Italian Cuisine that I can’t get enough of.  I grew up about a mile or two away from one and many of our big moments or family gatherings were held here. When I moved to Chicago in 2010, my Olive Garden trips came to a halt.  There is on... Read more »

Online Dating: The Five People You Will Run Into on Tinder

Online Dating: The Five People You Will Run Into on Tinder
I’ve been on Tinder over a month now. Not really many promising options so I have no hopes that any of this will go anywhere.  In fact, I have more faith that I will be embarrassed a time or two by the guys that come across screen. Here is my fair warning to you.  You... Read more »

Top 40 Radio: Lack of Variety, Raw Talent & True Entertainment

I recently read this article that was on a friend’s Facebook page about a mom’s contract with her son about his new iPhone. Well the article in itself was interesting (and filed for the future when I have children) one line of the “contract” struck me. That line was: “Download music that is new or... Read more »

I|O Urban Roofscape at the Godfrey Hotel: Great for a Happy Hour

Last Friday night, I went out for a much needed ladies night to a place downtown called the I|O Urban Roofscape on the 4th floor of the Godfrey Hotel Chicago.  It was a great location with a relaxing view with seating inside and outdoors.  The inside areas were open to the elements. We were able... Read more »

Tinder Dont's: How to get a sure swipe left

Have you heard of Tinder? It’s this new, well new to me, dating site. Basically, it is all about judging a book by its cover. Seriously. I don’t typically condone this behavior but it is what Tinder is. If you don’t like that, Tinder isn’t for you. Tinder displays a picture, name and age of... Read more »

Indiana: My Least Favorite State, Even after the Ban on Gay Marriage has been lifted

Maybe it’s because I’m from Illinois. Maybe it’s because I’ve only been to a handful of states so I don’t know better.  Maybe it’s because I’m not knowledgeable enough. I. Strongly. Dislike. Indiana. There are two main reasons why I feel this way today.  One, which is the less serious of the two, is their advertising approach.  The... Read more »

Goodbye Pepsi: A break up letter

Goodbye Pepsi: A break up letter
Dear Pepsi, When tonight’s Blogapalooz-Hour topic was released you were the first thing that popped (pun intended) into my head. We were asked to write a love letter to something. Not someone, but something.  I love you Pepsi. When I wake up in the morning and get to work, I wonder how long it’s going... Read more »

Duomo Dupers: Scammers at Milan, Italy's Duomo Cathedral

On my recent trip I had the pleasure (or should I say displeasure) of seeing Milano Italy.  The architecture was beautiful but I didn’t find that I liked the feeling of the city.  There were scammers left and right, the public transit system was annoying at best and people just didn’t come off extremely kind.... Read more »