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Summer Fun in the Midwest: Six Activities to Consider

I’m not sure if anyone else noticed the fact that summer might actually be around the corner. I know it’s hard to believe given our last snow fall was not too far behind us. Summer is most definitely my favorite time of year. There are some events/places on my radar this year that everyone should... Read more »

Challenge 28: Losing Weight and Getting Healthy

It seems like 90% of us are in a constant struggle to get healthier, thinner etc.  I know I’m out of shape, overweight and constantly sleepy. I am not as healthy as I would like AND  I am going to Europe for vacation in 28 days.  How is this going to work!? My best friend is... Read more »

The Upside of Being Single

So here’s the deal. Being single on your birthday is not always so fun.  It reminds you that you are one year older and you haven’t settled down, had kids, maybe your job isn’t where you want… blah blah blah. I’m always a little bitter about this.  My mom had me when she was 25... Read more »

Need a relaxing Get Away? Try Ireland's Aran Islands

To get to the islands you need to take a ferry or a plane.  We took a ferry.
We all need a break sometimes.  We live day in and day out usually stressing ourselves out with work, school, family etc.  The news drives us nuts (if I have to hear one more story about Westboro Baptist Church I’ll scream), daily chores get old (kitty litter… need I say more!?) and life just gets... Read more »

Oil Pulling: How to get through 20 minutes

Have you heard of oil pulling yet? It has blown up recently on the web and all over. Someone even posted an article about it in our bathroom stall at work (seriously)! It is where you put coconut or some other type of oil in your mouth. It is recommended that you use virgin unrefined... Read more »