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When Relationships End: The Upside

This one is personal. I am someone who is very, very scared of being judged. Fear of being judged should have been my Blogapalooza topic. Granted, I hope I gave you all some laughs at my expense. Someone from my past popped up tonight. I met him at a time when my life was spinning... Read more »

Chilopodophobia: A story of my fear of Centipedes

As I have mentioned my previous post, I am somewhat of a chicken. Really, I am. I’m scared of many things, heights, singing in public, rejection by guys, work, and friends alike. Don’t even get me started on the Superman ride at Six Flags Great America. I could tell you about all the things that scare... Read more »

Dibs on Chicago’s snowy streets: Rude but here to stay

To some of you this will be an all too familiar story. To the rest of you, this will be a look into the life of a Chicago resident. We’ve all been dealing with the inches upon inches of snow, city and suburbs alike, for weeks. It was about two weeks ago when I decided... Read more »