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An OdeTo My Caretaker

An OdeTo My Caretaker
I have diabetes and multiple sclerosis this is nothing new. I’ve written about it before. I even contribute posts to Modern Day MS. It would be difficult to do this alone. As hard as it is to admit you need someone. I need and have help. This is for my caretaker. Of the two of... Read more »

A kiss that helped me fall in love

We have all seen in the movies, that moment when the main characters kiss for the first time and it bursts. I used to think that was bunch of hooey, until it happened to me. It is a kiss that I will never forget. It was all of those magical things. It was the fireworks,... Read more »

The American Day Dream

I could be cliché and quote a certain lyric about dreaming by John Lennon.  I said I could, but I won’t you all know the lyric and in a second you will find out how it relates to this blog.  I spend a lot of my open brain space on reflection.  Sometimes I wonder what... Read more »

A Blathering of Comedic Proportions

Occasionally us bloggers come out of our holes and get together at events called “Blatherings” (Blog+Gathering). This time around we went to Fitzgerald’s in Berwyn. Fellow comedian Scott King and I were commissioned to put a comedy show together by our fearless leader, Jimmy Greenfield. So we did just that, we were joined by Dale... Read more »