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An MS'd up diagnosis, see what I did there?

This is the conclusion read part 1 here When we last left our hero… Oh sorry, I just want one day a story about me to be told like that. Anyway, I was about to get a brand new diagnosis. I barely even got to know my stroke and just like that it was gone.... Read more »

The 24 hour stroke

The 24 hour stroke
A couple of weeks ago this blog was rather silent. It appears that you have all made God angry and he took it out on his or her pin cushion..yours truly. I left work early on a Monday, which is always tempting but I swear this time was legit. Perhaps I should start from the... Read more »

Middleton Radio Prank Ends Tragically

As you may be aware last week, 2 Australian DJs prank called the hospital where Kate Middleton was recovering from severe morning sickness. They called pretending to be Queen Elizabeth and were able to speak with one of the nurses in her ward regarding her condition. A couple of days later came the sad news... Read more »