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Roger Goodell, just admit you effed up

Rog, you are either a bumbling idiot or just a awful dick. You deserve to be fired or not so gracefully resign. Your lies have snowballed and now it is an awful ball of lies overwhelming you. You suck at your job, Goodell and I’m dismissing you. You claimed you didn’t see the video of... Read more »

The NFL should be ashamed of itself

Ray Rice, a nearly washed up running back for the Baltimore Ravens, beat his fiancé, whom his now wife, hard enough to knock her out. So the NFL grew a back bone and suspended him forever, right? Nope, Roger Goodell who set himself up to be McGruff the Crime Dog when he fell into the... Read more »

Bruno Mars Out Shined The Red Hot Chili Peppers At The Super Bowl

I will admit when I heard Bruno Mars was going to be performing the half time show at the Super Bowl, I was skeptical. I grew even more skeptical when I heard that The Red Hot Chili Peppers would be making an appearance as well. Much to my surprise Bruno performed wonderfully. He put on... Read more »

Things I did besides watch Bears preseason football

I have written before about how my like, it was never love, of sports is waning. From other idiot fans saying idiotic things like idiots will to rampant cheating; it’s no wonder I am slowly detracting. Some would say I am a lesser Chicago Bears fan because I’ve yet to watch a second of preseason... Read more »

Stop Being a Ditka-head

I don’t understand the love affair Chicago has with Mike Ditka. It was 1985 when the Bears won the Super Bowl. It is time to move on it is time to let go. No more super fan hero worship. Phil Jackson won 6 championships in the 90s and his legend is not nearly as large.... Read more »

Hey NFL! Let Me Fix Your Replacement Ref Issue.

The NFL has quite the issue at the moment.  The joke that is the replacement referees.  From out and out favoritism to awful calls, it makes the game a little less fun to watch.  You cannot blame them, though, they have been put in an unfortunate position, learning on the fly what it usually takes... Read more »

I love football but do i love it this much?

Every year I put myself through the same hell, fantasy football.  I have never done very well in my years of playing.  I know a lot about football, my teams just never seem to do as well as I think they will.  Every year I tell myself I am done.  Every year it pulls me... Read more »